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Of course, there are the novels of Ms Jacqueline Carey. While you can play on the game without having read any of them, it helps to at least peak into at least one of them to get a better grasp of the setting and feel of the game.

  • Phèdre Trilogy: Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, Kushiel's Avatar
  • Imriel Trilogy: Kushiel's Scion, Kushiel's Justice, Kushiel's Mercy
  • Moirin Trilogy: Naamah's Kiss, Naamah's Curse, Naamah's Blessing
  • Earth Begotten

Author's Website:

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There are several sources on the internet, some fan-made wikis as well as those of previous games of the theme. There is even artwork out there, for the Marques of the thirteen Houses of Mont Nuit. Try to google pics, and you'll quickly find them.

Kushiel's Debut's wiki site is no longer existent, but you can find some older versions of pages occasionally using

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