Salon de la Rose Sauvage
Motto Be You Hunter Or Prey.
Head Courtesan Jacques Verreuil nó Rose Sauvage
Marque Thorny Rose
Salon Traits Mandrake, Valerian, Alyssum
Surname nó Rose Sauvage


Forty years ago, an unlanded Shahrizai noble came to Marsilikos and oddly enough, never got to leave it as planned. Edouard Shahrizai was an adventurer, a younger brother to the Comte de Chartres, sent away to serve his family by gathering intelligence and making connections in other countries. Or perhaps he had been sent away to reduce his costly living, as he had stayed in the City of Elua, an enthusiastic visitor there of Mont Nuit.

Edouard managed the trick and earned the favor of the previous Lady of Marsilikos, Lorianne Mereliot. She made him her lover, and later made him her consort. He had certain tastes, and in a way, talked her into giving him some coin. The intention? To travel to Elua and buy some novices' marques and found together with a very few local courtesans a salon in Marsilikos. It was a convenient coincidence, that Edouard's cousin Annabelle showed interest, she was an established courtesan of Mandrake House. She left Elua with Edouard, to help and lead the salon, as it was founded after their return to Marsilikos, going at first by the name "La Rose et l'Épine". The Shahrizai had picked the few courtesans making sure to cater to the sharper tastes. At first, there were actually only former Mandrakes and Valerians working there. The salon flourished, and in the following year, Edouard decided to expand the business, when he bought the marque of an Alyssum novice.

Canon of the Thorny Rose

It may appear odd at first, to see the contrary canons of Valerian and Mandrake united in just one salon, but on the other hand, one cannot exist without the other. Even in the City of Elua, House Mandrake and Valerian work closely together in the training of their adepts. Here, at the Thorny Rose, the distinction is lived in their courtesans being separated in two wings, whereas on the upper floor, above the Valerian wing, is the secluded living area of the modest courtesans of Alyssum canon.

Unlike the other salons, there is more of a distinction and separation between the three traits at the Thorny Rose. And even if it may occur that an Alyssum also shows an affinity to Valerian canon, this will remain the only possible cross between the three canons as lived at this salon. A brief description of the traits is given below.

There is a subtle separation between the three canons also in the names they give themselves. Alyssums will often be referred to as White Roses within the salon, Valerians are known as Red Roses, and those of Mandrake canon are often called Thorns.

It should be noted that fosterlings who start at Rose Sauvage will be taken on from the age of eight, and — in the case of Thorn and Red Rose applicants — only if they qualify through an immediate candy test. The majority of Rose Sauvage adepts though would have started elsewhere, most often novices or as of yet unmarqued debutants whose marques have been bought out of the respective Houses of Mont Nuit, or other salons.

Mandrake Trait

"Yield All" is the canon of Mandrake House, and it pretty much sums up the air of dominance, patrons wish to experience when seeking out courtesans of this canon. A Mandrake will expertly cater to the various tastes of their clientele, be it the desire for pain, for being pushed towards submission or simply treated with (outwardly) very little regard. The use of various implements of pain requires a certain understanding and expertise in the use of those, to ensure a safety there for patrons not to get mutilated or even hurt more severely than intended in the process. Fully marqued courtesans of Mandrake are able to peel an orange without the fruit flesh itself being torn - by using whips or even the sharp blades of flechêttes.

As is required when dealing with sharper pleasures, patrons need to communicate a Signale (a signal word to stop the other when boundaries are reached) to the Mandrake they are contracting, before engaging into the assignation itself.

Mandrake trait benefit: Intimidation +2 per level of the trait.

Valerian Trait

"I Yield." The counterpart to Mandrake is Valerian, and it is no coincidence that adepts of these canons will often be paired in the rare coveted Showings held at Mont Nuit. Here in Marsilikos, the two canons are united under the same roof. Valerians again can come in many flavours, ranging from submissive to slightly stubborn characters. There are those that cater to patrons who enjoy inflicting pain, while others are trained to display the subtle suffering from being declined the respect a living creature usually deserves. An assignation usually culminates in the act of surrendering themselves completely. And also here, a Signale will have to be determined in the contract, prior to the assignation. First visitors will have to give a demonstration of the skill in the implements intended to be used. The more sophisticated and potentially devastating in effect, the higher the standards will be to allow a patron the use of, especially, flechettes.

Valerian trait benefit: Body +1* (Endurance, stamina); this trait needs two levels to take effect.

Alyssum Trait

According to the view of House Alyssum, Naamah gave herself to King Persis, blushing and shivering, as she laid aside her modesty. This canon goes outwardly so very contrary to the usual d'Angeline lifestyle, that courtesans of Alyssum have become highly coveted. The rare quality of modesty, or its pretense, make the act of an Alyssum being won over all the more memorable; it also gives it the dark allure of breaking a taboo. Each assignation is characteristic in showing a transformation from youthful shy reluctance to endearing instinctive enthusiasm as an Alyssum submits fully to the act. This will sometimes also incorporate the display of shame afterwards, at innocence lost. Acting is part of the game, as well as a state where lines blur between the courtesan's identity, identification with Naamah of Alyssum canon as part of the worship, and the pretense of the act. Pretense to some extent is vital, and hence an Alyssum will become more and more skilled in Subterfuge the more experience there is, hence adding a bonus to this skill. Alyssums will most often be clad in long covering gowns and wear veils, so that only their eyes are visible at first to the potential patron.

Alyssum trait benefit: +2 on Subterfuge, per level of the trait.

People of Note

  • Edouard Shahrizai (NPC) — The salon's founder and mentor, in his sixties.
  • Annabelle nó Mandrake de Shahrizai (NPC) — The first Dowayne of the salon, retired.
  • Emmanuelle nó Mandrake de Shahrizai — Former Second of the salon, later Dowayne of Mandrake House.
  • Jacques Verreuil nó Rose Sauvage (NPC) — The present Dowayne.
  • Raphael nó Rose Sauvage — Second in charge of the Thorns.
  • Séverine nó Rose Sauvage — Second in charge of the Red Roses.
  • Marielle nó Rose Sauvage — Second in charge of the White Roses.
  • Baptiste nó Rose Sauvage — Former Second of Thorns, an interim appointment.
  • Olivia Albert nó Rose Sauvage — Former White Rose Second, retired.
  • Virginie nó Rose Sauvage (NPC) — Former White Rose Second, retired into consortship.
  • Desarae Mereliot — Former novice, released shortly before her debut.
  • Livia nó Rose Sauvage (NPC) — Healer and failed courtesan, in her forties.

Current Members

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