Skills And Combat

This game uses Faraday's FS3 skill and combat system, Second Edition.

Skill Rolls

To check the success of an action, you will need to perform a +roll, like this:

+roll <skill>

The FS3 system will roll a number of 8-sided dice, that corresponds to the level of the skill plus the level of the ruling attribute that affects it.

For example, +roll Blades would be 9 dice (Blades level 6 and Body level 3).

The result depends on the number of high rolls (i.e. with a result of 7 and higher), and can be embarrassing failure, failure, success, good success, great success and amazing success. The system will tell you the outcome.

For more information, see '+help FS3_rolls' in game.

Combat System

FS3 comes with a handy combat system, which can be used for combat or tourney RP. It also comes with a help file, +help combat. Here's an overview of how to handle combat, both from the runner's point of view, and from someone who just takes part.

+combat - Views a summary of your current combat status.
+combat <name> - Views someone's detailed combat status.

General Basics regarding Combat

  • Certain weapons rely on certain action skills. Make sure you have the required skill to achieve optimal results.
  • Dodge is important in FS3 Combat, as it will help you evade blows.
  • The Body attribute affects how much damage you can sustain.
  • During combat, +combat/treat <player> can be performed as a means of first aid, but only if the character performing the heal has the Medicine skill.
  • After combat, the +heal command can speed up the recovery process, again Medicine is the required skill to have (see +help +heal).
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