“All knowledge is worth having.”
– Attributed to Shemhazai

Shemhazai, one of Elua's Companions, valued knowledge and taught D'Angelines their written language. Knowledge, learning, science, literacy, all of these gifts Shemhazai gave to the people of Terre d’Ange. “All knowledge is worth having” is the statement credited to Shemhazai, and it is the drive for knowledge he inspired in his followers. It is said some of the greatest scholars in the western lands hale from Siovale, the province he founded. It is located in the southwest of Terre d'Ange and borders Aragonia and Euskerria.


Temples are generally repositories for knowledge and learning and are filled with books and the written word.

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The Priesthood of Shemhazai wear robes of grey.

Position Name
High Priest/Priestess Open to Application
Second to Shemhazai Open forApplication





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