“All knowledge is worth having.”
– Attributed to Shemhazai

Shemhazai, one of Elua's Companions, valued knowledge and taught d'Angelines their written language. Knowledge, learning, science, literacy, all of these gifts Shemhazai gave to the people of Terre d’Ange. “All knowledge is worth having” is the statement credited to Shemhazai, and it is the drive for knowledge he inspired in his followers. It is said some of the greatest scholars in the western lands hale from Siovale, the province he founded. It is located in the southwest of Terre d'Ange and borders Aragonia and Euskerria.


The temple of Shemhazai is a cathedral dedicated to knowledge. The temple is built of grey stone and the interior is floored in white and black marble mosaic tiles. The most prominent fixture of the temple, overseeing the main hall of the temple in an elevated sanctuary at the back of the hall, is a silver statue of Shemhazai. The sanctuary is gated save for steps that go from the main floor to the sanctuary floor at the feet of the statue. Braziers on the walls give plenty of illumination at night and a few candelabra hang by chains from the ceilings.

The main hall is an elegant library, bookshelves have been put into the walls as well as thick oak shelves flanking both sides. The main aisle between them has several rectangular tables with comfortable chairs set for each. Doors lead out from the main hall to adjoining rooms which the priesthood use for teaching or private study. Built into the back walls flanking the entrance are spiral stairwells that lead to the upper floors of the temple where priests' lodgings, labs and other necessities of the priesthood may be found.


The Priesthood of Shemhazai wear robes of grey.

Position Name
High Priest/Priestess Open for Application
Second to Shemhazai Open for Application



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