IC time corresponds to RL time, which means a time ratio of 1:1, where current month and day would be the respective RL day of RP.

State of Play

It is the year 1311, more than two hundred years after the events as described in the Kushiel trilogies of Jacqueline Carey have taken place. House Courcel still holds the Throne of Terre d'Ange, and currently, it is King Léopold Francois Tavernier de la Courcel who reigns over the lands of angels. In the past 50 years, there has been peace with the neighbours of Aragonia and Caerdicca Unitas. Friendly relations are being kept with the nations of Alba and Hellas. And while Skaldia and Vralia have continued to threaten Terre d'Ange with war and invasions, attempts in that direction have been successfully thwarted, especially thanks to the combined forces of Camlach, Kusheth and Azzalle.

Political marriages with foreign nobility may have thinned the Blood of Angels, but still, the traces of the Companions are strong in some of their descendants. A less common phenomenon to be encountered in a d'Angeline, these days, and yet it occurs, especially in family branches that have focused in keeping their bloodlines clean from foreign influences.

And thus, opinions do vary, in how to deal with foreign influences, and foreign culture in general. On the wings of a renaissance that re-focuses on their origins and beliefs, the religious aspect of d'Angeline life has increased in its relevance. It also has strengthened the power and status of Mont Nuit in the City of Elua, the Night Court that thrives under the leadership of the Dowayne Evangeline Vintesoir nó Cereus. And so, similar structures are establishing themselves in the Capitals of the sovereign duchies, even if on a slightly smaller scale, as in the City of Marsilikos.

Our Focus

The focus of this game is the province of Eisande and its capital Marsilikos. The duchy is under the sovereign rule of the Mereliot family, with the House Rousse holding the provincial duchy, with their seat in Nice. There are other Houses, Marquisates and Comtés, of course, but for now the focus for applications will be on lower (barony/vicomte) and unlanded nobility, as these would be the most agile and flexible in regards to plots.

Go here for an overview of Noble Houses available for application.

Please be aware that characters of other Provinces and even foreigners are allowed, but require a brief explanation in their background, as to point out reasons for staying in Marsilikos.

The Night Court of Marsilikos can be found not too far from the Place des Mains d'Eisheth. It offers the variety of Mont Nuit channelled in a few salons. More information on the Night Court and those salons can be found here.

General information about the city of Marsilikos can be found here.

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