Rumors August - November 1310

August 1310

Bhodistani Arrival

posted Aug 02 2018

A conversation had between a couple of unlanded lords near the docks watching the ships:

"Did you see the foreigner that arrived the other day at the docks?"

"There are lots of foreigners at the docks. You will have be a little more specific than that."

"That ship that arrived from Bhodistan, down at the end. "

"Oh, yes. Nice ship. Someone said the flags were royal? "

"That they are. A lady got off, then taken away in a carriage to the Guest Tower at the ducal palace."

"Sounds like she's an ambassador. Or maybe the lady of one?"

"I am not sure, but they were off-loading a lot of things from furniture to heavy trunks. Guess she's staying a while. "

"Maybe we should go by the palace to see if we can find out more… "

Around the Palace and Guest Tower, it would become evidant that the new arrival is, indeed. the Bhodistan Ambassador. Her new rooms are set up by servants brought with her, while guards are seen standing at the entrance. Guards who are female, not male, which might be surprising. It is made known that Ambassador Rajiya Jadeja welcomes any invitations to talk sent her way.

To Guard a Trevalion

posted Aug 05 2018

"Did you see what happened in the promenade yesterday?"

"With the red-haired Trevalion sister and her guard? No! But I sure heard about it."

"The poor man. First she tries her best to escape his protection, and now this abuse. He was called a bastard in the open, and then not allowed to call out the man who attacked him to a duel of honor!"

"I heard he got called a different 'b' word altogether… and by a girl, not a man!"

"No, it had to have been a man, I heard he took his thingie out right there in public and relieved himself on the guard's trousers!"

"Yes, she peed on him. But it was a girl! A girl with a sword and red eyes."

"And a thingie? That makes no sense."

"Sometimes the world makes no sense."

Menekhet Comes to Light

posted Aug 06 2018

Two young women of the court can be heard speaking, one giggling as the other simply seems to sip some tea.

"Did you hear? Seems someone is not who they say they were?"

"Oh?! Do tell! I love good gossip!"

"Well…the ambassador from Menekhet? Seems she lied…" The young woman then pauses. "I mean to say she was not forthcoming about whom she was and Her Grace went to speak to her about."

"Oh no! Was she a charlatan? Perhaps someone just wanting to gain prestige?"

"No!" The one with the tea then sets down her cup. "It's even better than that! Seems she is not just an ambassador. It was a ruse for her to travel and make connections without bias of some sort. She is actually…."

Now the woman pauses to take a sip of tea. The one that was giggling was squirming in her seat now.

"Oh don't stop now!"

"Fine fine. She's actually the daughter of the Pharaoh of Menekhet. In fact….she is the eldest child."

A gasp leaves the other now. "You don't mean?!"

"Yes! She is the heir to the throne…their next Queen. However I'm not sure that is the proper turn. I believe it is Pharaoh regardless of whether they are male or female." A light shrug is then given by the woman.

"I can not believe it! The future Queen of Menekhet has been hiding here the entire time."

"Yes…and it is shocking she has no husband yet. Perhaps that is what she is hiding from? Her duties of finding a match."

At that, the two return to speaking softly then. There was so much more to speak of it seems.

Spiders! Spiders Everywhere!

posted Aug 06 2018

Word is spreading like wildfire all throughout the city. Someone had let lose a huge army of spiders in the Market! The worst part, they say? A lot of them seemed to be -GULP- carrying egg sacs on their backs. So when one screaming citizen stomped upon one spider, hundreds of baby spiders came pouring out. The Market, they say, was like a horror story. Screaming, scurrying, stomping, pouring. It was a huge mess! Who in the world would have done such a thing?

Aragonian Ambassadors

posted Aug 07 2018

It seems the Aragonia ambassador Diego Francisco Aragón has taken his wife and decided to return to Aragonia. However, his younger sister, Leandra Agustina Aragón was named as the new Aragonian Ambassador by her brother. Some say she was named as such before Duchess Armandine Clémence Mereliot. Some say he named her after making her get ready for departure, some say it was done privately. Even more say e sent her a missive after leaving her. Regardless of what the true story is on how she was named the Aragonian Ambassador by her brother LEandra is now it and the Duchess has been appraised of it being as such.

Found: Lost Lamb

posted Aug 07 2018

Found: a lost little lamb, separated from his family on the night of the Coquelicot double debut. Name: Fenris. If you are his owner, blease come collect him at the Salon de la Glycine.

Back from the Dead

posted Aug 07 2018

The word spreads like wildfire at the docking of a merchant vessel in the late hours of the evening after its voyage to Khebbel-im-Akkad, bringing with it not just news from far off lands, but a pair of travel-worn young men and both with multiple injuries. Judging by the clothes and armaments on one of them, he was unmistakably Cassiline.

As typical of rumors, whatever could be heard on the streets tends to be unreliable, but all are consistent with one thing: Matthieu de Rocaille, heir to the Siovalese duchy, has returned after three years since he was declared missing during a border skirmish in Camlach, and speculation regarding his fate and where he has been has been running rampant since.

Then again with the way he was quickly ushered out of sight again, it may have been just a ghost, after all.

The Dragon Has Cometh

posted Aug 08 2018

The news is travelling throughout the city. The Vicomtesse de Draguignon has arrived and taken up residence in the Rousse townhouse. Servents to the Rousse family even whisper about how she redecorated the entire abode! Not only that, but she arrived in grand style, riding in a red painted carriage, with five or six wagons behind her loaded with barrels of the famous Dragon's Blood Wine! It is said she alighted from her carriage as if she were a Queen and immediately started barking orders for the barrels of wine to be delivered throughout the city. To the Palace, to each noble residence, and even to all the houses of the city's Night Court!

"Did you see how utterly RED her hair was?" aks one gaping woman trying to get a better view.

"I did, but don't you know all those Draguignon Rousse's have hair as red as sin and damnation? It's an infamous family trait, I hear."

Another onlooker who was eavesdropping on the two pipes up. "I heard they have the blood of dragons running in their veins." he says, with wide eyes.

The other women scoff at him. "Dragons my behind!" the first one says. "Everyone knows there aren't any such thing!" Both women roll their eyes at him and shake their heads before inching away and continuing their gossip elsewhere, where they won't be overheard.

Truth or not, at least there seems to be plenty of wine to go around!


posted Aug 08 2018

In the Market and Plaza, there also seem to be men in Draguignon Rousse livery, handing out individual Dragon's Blood Wine bottles to random commoners they come across.

A Gathering at Court

posted Aug 19 2018

A small crowd gathered yesterday in the Ducal courtyard when whispers of a long-awaited evening began to circulate just after luncheon. The courtyard was ringed by a small group of courtiers, ambassadors and other persons of note, and picked up numbers and energy as word spread that the Duchesse Armandine's daughter Ortolette was to finally take her first assignation, postponed this long due to the maiden's ill health. True to the rumor, as those who were there to witness will tell, Ortolette appeared on foot, instead of her usual wheelchair, escorted by her mother, the Duchesse Armandine herself, and her Cassiline, to greet the arrival of the new White Rose, Aimeric no Rose Sauvage. To people wondering why he hasn't been much seen since his 'second debut' in Marsilikos, people in the know will spread the fact that the Second of the White Roses, the Lady Olivia d'Albert no Rose Sauvage, had preserved the first taste of the exquisite new Rose for the Mereliot daughter, knowing that her health had taken a turn for the better, and that the two weeks were taken in arrangement of this evening, an act of kindness and honor which, people whisper, must be putting the White Rose Second in good stead with the Duchesse!

And how Aimeric no Rose Sauvage satisfied those who were hungry for a look at the heretofore nearly sequestered courtesan. Those who missed his introductory fete were gifted a first glimpse of the boy's blushing beauty last night, dressed in silvery white doublet and trousers in a courtly cut. How shy he looked to be suddenly surrounded by a group of on-lookers admiring his beauty. Like a nervous colt, flinching from his handlers, he took refuge in Ortolette's virginal company.

As to Ortolette herself, second only to the surprise she made of promenading through the courtyard with only the assistance of the courtesan's arm was the spectacular manner in which she was dressed, the surprising elegance of her high collar, the sweeping feathers of her off-the-shoulder sleevelets, the point-clusters of amber, the spectacular way the gown gave glimpses of sea-greens and blues through the purity of a maiden-white gossamer, making the frail little thing look every ounce the young Lady on the evening of her first assignation. The responsibility for the unique and gorgeous couture which rendered the sickly little girl a radiant woman before the courtiers lies directly at the feet of the owner and proprietor of the newly renovated Courtly Couture in the market promenade, the Lady Isabelle de Valais, who has taken a common clothing shop and turned it into no less than a gallery of artistic expression and a salon for refined taste— and who now must count the Ducal family safely among her patrons.

Time and Tide Two

posted Aug 22 2018

As the sun sets on an evening at the tail-end of August, a ship bearing the Crest of House Trevalion on its sails, arrives in the Port of Marsilikos. Tucked upon the arm of the Vicomte de Rouen, and shadowed by a figure in grey, a dark-haired young woman is led down the gangplank and onto the dock. Whilst the party are quickly bourne away by carriage to the Ducal Palace, it'll take a deal longer for the quantity of chests and trunks which have accompanied her on the short voyage to be unloaded and similarly transferred.

Desarae Mereliot, tragic heir to the Marquisate of Chavaise, has finally emerged from her period of mourning.

Corsica's Heir Dead

posted Aug 27 2018

Word has finally come from the Comte de Corsica about the heir, Leonide Rousse, and with the black that has made an appearance upon the door and in the clothing worn, it is not good.

Pirates plague the coast of the Comte, and have for many years. It is said that pirates attacked Leonide's ship, and when the navy came to it's aide, it was already too late, as her body was found amongst the dead. But so severe was the damage done to her that she must have been right in the middle of the fighting, and took longer to truly identify her to be Leonide Rousse.

Further, it would seem that the next daughter has been recalled from her studies in Tiberium to take up her new position as not only heir to the comte, but also as the Baronesse de Cargese. Those who knew both sisters have already started putting down bets on how things will turn out.

A Night at the Opera

posted Aug 28 2018

The reviews are in and as expected by longtime patrons of L'Opera Marsilikos, its latest production, Les Travailleurs, which opened the weekend past, is a tremendous success. The epic tale surrounding a humble sailor in search of love and fortune, only for it to end tragically, pulled back the curtains on a full house in its opening night, with several personages of note in attendance - the most important of these being Her Grace herself, Armandine de Mereliot, Duchesse d'Eisande. Her youngest daughter, Ortolette de Mereliot, billed as the producer of Les Travailleurs, was also present in the boxes.

The Siovalese delegation also occupied the best seats of the house - Vicomtesse de Seyches, Lucianne d'Albert, with her granddaughter Lady Iolanthe d'Albert, newly arrived in Marsilikos, and her niece, Lady Olivia d'Albert no Rose Sauvage, as well as Lady Helene de Verreuil, heiress to the Baronnie de Poumarous. While word varies as to the reason, these ladies and the Mereliots appear to have been guests of Matthieu de Rocaille, the Duc de Siovale's formerly missing heir, who was also among the attendees in spite of his injuries - just as much of a testament of the skill of Eisande's healers as it is the opera's draw to the young duke-to-be.

September 1310

Missing: One Archer

posted Sep 07 2018

Well, to be sure, nobody thought that the Comte Baphinol's heir was likely to come away with a prize in the archery competition, much less squeak out a win. But, to pile strangeness upon strangeness, in the aftermath of the event the self-same surprise archer seems to have withdrawn from public entirely. His favored suite in town, in the bayside Les Tanières, is still under occupancy, but he's simply not putting in appearances. Is he preparing for the poetry contest next week? Angels only know.

Invitations to a Dance

posted Sep 08 2018

Envelopes sealed by wax have been sent to nobles currently in Marsilikos. Letters adorned with poppy ornaments have been drawn upon the front of the envelope, forming the word INVITATION.

There are two cards inside the envelope. One card is colored red, the other is a simply folded sheet of paper. The red card has a short poem on one side:

~~ A Dance of Colors ~~

Olive kissed by your lips,
Sunlight dancing on your skin,
Lavender scent of the paths you walked,
Ocean eyes looking back at me.
These are the colors of my dreams.

Soil honored by your light touch,
Autumn embrace of your gentle heart,
Blush of your blooming cheeks,
Shadows of a frail memory of your song.
These are the colors of my dreams.

Cherries sleeping in your trembling palm,
Chestnut falling under your feet,
Innocence of your wandering gaze.
These are the colors of my dreams.
Would you share yours with me?

— Melville nó Coquelicot —

The other side of the red card has an explanatory text:

You have been invited to "The Dance of Colors" event held on the 29th of September at The Salon de Coquelicot. Bring your loved one or find someone else there for indulging in the dance of colors!

More information about the event may be found on the additional note (see +events, 'A Dance of Colors').

Finder, Please Return

posted Sep 09 2018

Half a dozen notices appear overnight nailed to walls in and around the market plaza down by the port. The parchment is good and thick and in the absence of rain and opportunism it will probably last several days.

Written upon these notices in the bold, legible strokes of a paintbrush dipped in black ink, is a message which those lettered denizens of the port may if they are so inclined read aloud to their less educated colleagues.


Lost yesterday, a black leather purse embroidered with crescent moons, and a small silver locket containing a curl of dark hair. If these items are brought to the Maison de la Porte Bleue in the Rue du Port, the reward will be generous and no inquiries shall be made into how they were found.

… No mention of whatever sum of money may have been in the purse when it was 'lost', and which by now has presumably been invested to the benefit of the local hospitality sector. These dockside thieves are growing more shameless by the day! Honest denizens of Marsilikos can hardly pop down to the harbour to buy a nice piece of fish for dinner without being robbed left and right. Why doesn't the City Guard do something about it?

Tough Luck

posted Sep 10 2018

With the first week of tournament already concluded, the first rumors are circulating in the inns and taverns of Marsilikos.

"Have you heard?", one commoner asks of the other. "What I heard? Some noble -shot- the carpenter's son at the archery contest. Lad didn't expect nothing bad to happen, when he was watching them people shooting at the targets. He was standing far off to the side. Helping with setting the targets back, he was. Thought he'd earn some extra coin."

"Damn. Them nobles really think they can get away with anything.", the other commoner murmurs.

"Yeah, he was cheering that odd Tsingano on. You know? The odd one from the market, who sells bracelets and leather stuff? You can say what you will about them Tsingani people, but at least this one knew how to hit his mark."

"What of the lad now?"

"Bah. Nothing. He can't do nothing right now. That arrow nearly killed him. Carpenter is cursing, can't get his work done."

"I heard, this Baphinol heir, who's always wearing these fancy clothes won the archery."

"Yeah. Them nobles. Shootin'us and not even lettin'us win."


Duel Chatter

posted Sep 10 2018

Another rumor about the tournament makes the rounds in the common inns as well as in locations frequented by nobility

"Companions, how exciting," a lady remarks towards her lady friend, as they are enjoying some fine wine in the wine cellars in the noble district. "To think that the best sword fighters had gathered to test their mettle against each other. Azzalle was there. Camlach. Kusheth…"

"Oh yes. Kusheth. I would have expected to see more Camaelines take part in the contest," her friend murmurs. "And one particular Trevalion who is known for his skill with the sword. Ah. Well. At least his famous cousin was there. Augustin Trevalion. He really was awesome. Even if he didn't make to the final four. He was stopped. By that hawkish Charlot."

"It was quite the match. And yet… I liked the display of the two female contestants. The d'Essoms and the Valliers? It was a demonstration of feminine tenacity. Some matches were much quicker over, than the bout between Lady Zephyrine and Lady Helisson."

The other woman sighs. "A pity, Cyriel Charlot made such quick work of Lady Helisson. Two hard strikes. I feared he'd killed her! Even with blunted blades. They say Kushelines would prefer a spoon to a knife at times. Because using it would hurt all the more!"

"Ah. That handsome Basilisque. He was one of the final four. I think I spotted his blonde apple lady somewhere in the crowd. Couldn't have missed her, the way she cheered -too loud- and then… lost all countenance when he was defeated by Foulque Shahrizai."

"Ah. That Shahrizai with his long white hair looks like a ghost. He certainly was swift with the blade. He and the Charlot took a while to decide the contest. I was really surprised, to see Lord Cyriel emerge as the winner."

"I wonder where all our capable Eisandine swordsmen were at? Were they hiding in their holes? The only Eisandine I saw in the final eight of the contest was that handsome Arion Delaunay no Coquelicot."

"Maybe next year… Eisande will teach the others, and take home the win!"

Religious Contest

posted Sep 13 2018

From Naamah's Temple word filters out that Priestess Emilie is going to hold a contest for those who wish to create works of art, in whatever form one considers art to be (AKA best baked good, best painting, best composed song, best novel, or whatever you can think of that makes sense etc). It is said the entries need to represent Elua and his Companions is some form and the items that best depict, as chosen by a panel of judges, Naamah will be displayed in her Temple and the others will be auctioned off to bring in funds for all the Temples. The auction and viewings of the works of art will be displayed in a lovely event to be determined at a future date.

OOC: If you want to enter the contest feel free to page Emilie/RP with Emilie/+mail Emilie/Whatever. entries ca be anything. If it is a play or a dance or something that is more visual it'll be 'written' out by Emilie and/or Acolytes of Naamah's temple.

If you want to be on the panel of judges feel free to contact Emilie as well.

Taking Home His Win?

posted Sep 14 2018

"Have you heard? Do you know what I saw?"

"What? When? Where?"

"After the Duel Contests. An event I hadn't attended, because, truth be told, watching these violent bouts make me feel sick."

"What happened?"

"Ah… I was going for a stroll, heading in the general direction of the opera… and then suddenly I saw a carriage pull up."

"Hmm? A carriage?"

"Yes, a carriage. Right in front of the residence of the d'Eresse family."


"It was Lady Irene d'Eresse. She wasn't in a state to walk, though. Someone clad in black and red - and armor, I think? - carried her right into the House. A man with a hawkish nose. Whatshisname. One of those Kushelines."

"Kusheline? You mean Lord Cyriel Charlot? How odd! I heard he won the contest."

"Yes, he did. Seems he has an admirer and she fainted."

"And I'd wager he stayed there for all of the night, hmm?"

"No, my dear. He was seen leaving soon after."

"Perhaps he had been meaning to be polite."

"Yes. Maybe. But 'polite' isn't really the way of Kushelines, is it?"

Vicomtesse De Moulins Arrival

posted Sep 14 2018

The heir to the Vichy Comte, Ghislaine Chalasse has arrived in Marsilikos with all the fanfare one would expect from a Vicomtésse who is the heir to a Comte. To thr Chalasse town house she is brought and it takes a few days for her to be settled in. Undoubtedly the tradgedy of her siblings and parents gets whispered about, despite being old news at this point.

Special Delivery from Bordeaux

posted Sep 18 2018

Watchmen, pickpockets, and other lowlives — not to mention neighbours who were sleeping soundly till then, than you very much — may have had occasion to note a cart drawing up in front of the house with the blue doors in the Rue du Port, in the very dead of night. It seemed to be loaded chiefly with Bordeaux wine barrels, all of which vanished behind those blue doors under the supervision of a tall blond-haired man whose chiseled jawline showed to advantage silhouetted in the light from the house's street lamp and its high arched entranceway.

An Oiled Candle Stall

posted Sep 20 2018

A group of people, mostly fisherman, dock workers and merchants are gathered around the Docks.

"What is that smell coming from where that candle stall is?" one portly dock worker asks aloud.

"It smells like…some kind of….perfume…" another replies.

People come over to take a look. There are gasps and a few laughs that ring out.

I think…it is perfume…?" someone muses.

"Yeah, perfumed /OIL/." another replies, snickering. "You know, the kind that those fancy girls over at the Night Court use to massage and lube you up!"

More snickering and laughter.

"It's all over the place!" a young fish monger's wife exclaims. "Look!" She points.

"All over the stall, the ground, that tent is nigh soaked in it!"

"It's all poured inside, too!" a little boy calls out, peeking out of the small tent. "Plus these too!" He holds up a pair of expensively made black trousers. With the crotch cut out.

The whole group is laughing and snickering now.

"Guess that Tsingano finally got what was comin' to 'im!" the portly one laughs.

"Serves 'im right, I say!" An older fisherman says, waving a stick.

Maybe he'll finally mosey on somehwere else and stop pollutin' our docks!" A bunch of murmurs, agreeing.

"Still, wonder who did this?" the fishmonger's wife asks. "And what for?" She shakes her head, noting what is also left of the candles, which have been burned all the way down.

"He must have angered someone truly something awful to go to these lengths."

There are few more amused comments, lots more snickering and shaking of heads. Eventually, the crowd disperses and people go back to their routine. No one tries to clean it up, however.

Another d'Eresse Departs

posted Sep 23 2018

"Now, what is it about that young Lady Irene? She is one of the Duchesse's ladies, and yet I have heard that she has taken her leave from Marsilikos…"

"Yes, there has been that carriage leaving with an escort of half-a-dozen riders. I believe they must be headed for Beaucare, the barony of her older brother Gauge."

"But how so? Last thing I heard, was that Lady Irene was at the Palace, severely ill."

"Until that infamous half-sister of the Duchesse helped restoring her health."

"I hear threats were involved?"

"Wouldn't surprise me, with that one. Lady Emmanuelle Shahrizai nó Mandrake knows how to convince, the Kusheline way."

"Perhaps this may be what drove Lady Irene out of town, in the end?"

"What of that hawk-faced serious-looking Charlot? He has after all been seen carrying Lady Irene upon his arms towards her doorstep, before her illness worsened?"

"Hah. Wouldn't surprise me if both are to blame — and the lovely Lady Irene couldn't handle -that- much Kusheline attention."

October 1310

Grave news and superstitions

posted Oct 04 2018

"Wait wait wait, Agathe!" An old rounded woman catches up to the younger and more lean friend. "Have you heard the grave news about Monsieur Anselme?"

"No," the other turns around and frowns, "Did his wife finally learn that he was sleeping around with half of the city's wenches?" She stops and waits for her friend to get closer.

The old woman sets her basket filled with tasty goodies on the ground. She leans her hands to the sides and stretches a bit while trying to catch her breath.

"Mademoiselle Coustance, tell me, what happened?" Agathe grows impatient.

"He died!" Her friend finally spills out.

"AH" Agathe exclaims bringing her hand to a chest. "Kushiel's balls, how did it happen?!"

"Oooh!.. This is not a mere accident, Mademoiselle Agathe, I am telling you!" The old one firmly waves her finger in the air as a wise man would do. "Two deaths haunt this union and so it has been marked by blood. This is a sign, I am telling you. It's not supposed to happen!"

Agathe frowns, "What nonsense are you talking about? You are way too superstitious!" She turns around to walk away but after taking three steps, curiosity makes her look back, "What union do you have in mind?"

"Ah!" Coustance smiles proudly having her friend's attention. "Of course, I am talking about that ducal heir of Somerville and our lady Phaenne Mereliot!"

"Are you out of your mind?! How is Monsieur Anselme related to those noble arses?" Agathe rolls her eyes.

Her words make Coustance flinch as she comes closer and leans in to whisper, "Are you out of your mind to speak of our nobility like that and-…"

"What? I have all the right to speak about them whatever I want. I have four hungry mouths to feed and enough coins for two!" Agathe interrupts, "Better explain your own superstition. I don't have the whole day!"

"Alright, alright. That ducal heir has been redecorating the Somerville residence. He hired Monsieur Anselme and a couple of others to do it. So, when they were carrying this enormously huge wardrobe back and forth on the staircase, Anselme slipped and fell, the wardrobe came down on top of him and was shattered to pieces. A frail piece that was and our Anselme died on the spot!"

"But you said, it's two deaths…" Agathe reminds.

"Well, lady Phaenne had to marry the ducal heir of Somerville but he died two months ago. This one is his younger brother!"

Agathe frowns considering her friend's words but then just waves it off, "Politics. Those nobles die like flies and I care little. You should also care less about those rumors!" She walks off leaving the old woman in thoughts.

Battle At Sea

posted Oct 27 2018

Rumors begin to circulate in Marsilikos that a remarkable battle has been fought off the coast of Kriti — remarkable, but of little national consequence. It seems that a merchantman out of Marsilikos, The Dancer, was ambushed by two pirate ships in the midst of a raging gale, somewhere off the coast of Kriti.

There is little agreement on the facts of the battle, but it seems that the captain of The Dancer elected to fight it out rather than attempt to flee. Some people say that Athene Lesse, the captain, sunk both of them. Others, wiser in the ways of the sea, claim that this is so unlikely as to be impossible. But everyone agrees on one point: The Dancer was victorious, somehow.

More Bloodshed at Beziérs

posted Oct 28 2018

Two handmaids are gossiping together in one of the suites at the Ducal Palace:


"Poor mite…" Marie, the older of the two grumbles, shaking out a gown of ink black silk before hooking it over the other maid's waiting arm.

"One of the grooms at the castle told my cousin that it was another bloodbath," Yvette, the younger one whispers, her eyes enormous.

"I heard it was too," Marie nods, pulling another of the black silks from the wardrobe. She gives a shake of her head. "Both his Excellency and his cassiline killed, right there in the Marquis' study."

"But thank the Companions that her cousin, Lord Leonard, survived." Yvette quickly adds. "I heard he was injured something terrible, and that it was Lady Desarae herself that found him."

"It was the castle /guards/ that found him. At least I /think/ it was," Marie corrects her companion as she pulls another gown of obsidian from the depths of the closet and hands it to her. "And from what I understand, Lady Desarae's lucky to be alive herself. Had it not been for her Cassiline, Brother Nicolas Guillard, well…"

"Nicolas…" Yvette's voice grows dreamy and a small sigh is given.

"Stop day-dreaming, you silly child." Marie chides. "Take those gowns downstairs and make sure they're cleaned and pressed. The Lady will be returning to Marsilikos soon enough, and she'll be back in full mourning for /goodness/ knows how long!"

Word has reached Marsilikos that Marquis Armand de Merliot and his cassiline have been killed by an assassin at Castle Chavaise, and that it was only the quick-thinking actions of her own cassiline, Nicolas Guillard, that saved the Lady Desarae from a similar fate.

Eisheth Temple Gossip

posted Oct 30 2018

Quiet comments are being whispered about Eisheth's temple:

"That big guy that came in… she healed his hand." One acolyte tells the others.

"She bandaged it, just like any healer would." Another says with a roll of her eyes.

"Noooo… you didn't see it before! There were bones sticking out and everything! And now it's healed!" The first would whisper back.

"There wasn't anything wrong with it. Saw him writing a letter with it?" A third chimes in.

"That's because she /healed/ him with Eisheth's help!" The first states.

Another soon joins in, "Are you talking about the priestess? Did you see that lord that came in and carried her out??" She might sigh a little dreamily.

The others shake their heads.

"He came hurrying in, grumbling at the priests and priestesses, and.. just abducted her right out of her cell. Said he was taking her to his estate so she could be sure and rest without trying to return to the infirmary to work." The fourth informs the others.

"Well, you know she would have done that. She works entirely too much half the time." The second does reply after a moment.

Soon, a priest comes in, shooing the acolytes off to their chores.

Close Encounters of the Piratical Kind

posted Oct 31 2018

The incredible word from the last few days, that a d'Angeline merchantman called The Dancer managed to fend off a double pirate attack off the waters of Kriti, finds some manner of resurgence when another ship makes port in the late hours of the evening of the 31st. It appears that most of the beleaguered vessel's crew has managed to find a temporary home in The Myrmidon, captained by one Alcibiades Rousse, whose efforts are said to have been instrumental in preventing disaster from falling on The Dancer after a risky maneuver to take the first pirate ship and use it to sink the other while the Dancer was left crippled, decimated and dismasted, saving its crew…and a particular passenger of some renown in Marsilikos high society.

It seems that the Lady Isabelle de Valais, fashion designer and the personal couturiere of the Lady of Eisande and her family, among many others, had been on her way home from business dealings in Phaistos aboard The Dancer when the pirates attacked. While the incident was undoubtedly dangerous, she has managed to escape a deadly fate with only minimal injuries.

November 1310

A Displeased Comte

posted Nov 05 2018

Two ladies can be overheard chatting at the Golden Harbor whilst enjoying their meal and some wine.

"So. Another Trevalion arrived a few days ago. The Comte d'Amiens!", the older one of the two begins. "Isn't it odd? Azzalle is so far away, and here they are, all these Trevalions."

"I can't blame them." the younger lady responds. "The weather is far more pleasant in Marsilikos than up north."

"Anyway, I saw Lord Archard Trevalion heading towards the town residence of the Delaunays. He seemed to be in the best of spirits when he entered."

"I can't see anything odd about that. I heard one of the Delaunay ladies… Vicomtesse Emeraude…? She is about to be engaged to a Trevalion… actually… isn't Lord Narcisse one of the Comte's sons?"

The older lady nods. "Yes. Exactly. How odd then, that the Comte left shortly after he arrived, with a *very* grim expression on his face."

"You were lingering there before the residence all the while?", the younger lady asks, looking a bit bewildered.

"I was talking to my good friend, the lady," she says a name and shrugs. "After Lord Archard left, about half an hour or so…" The older lady winks at the younger one, "the Comtesse Yseult de Delaunay stepped out onto the plaza. I daresay, she is a beautiful woman, but she looked a bit tense."

The younger one lets out a dramatic sigh. "So, I believe there will be no match after all…"

10 Ducats

posted Nov 05 2018

"Companions… One must wonder about what goes on in the head of *some* people. You would think they should know what to expect when going to a Thorn debut!" The Red Rose adept giggles and shakes her head.

"I haven't seen Monsieur Jacques as displeased as this in a while…", the other Red Rose courtesan offers thoughtfully. "I saw that he had a letter written and overheard him instructing the messenger to deliver it to the Baphinol residence. The tone…" A light shudder there. "Cold and determined."

"I doubt we shall see Lord Jehan-Pascal again so soon — save for to offer an apology for his conduct. Why did he show up in the first place? Only ladies were permitted to bid. Is he a 'lady', like our Dior is occasionally?"

"And then he had the impertinence to place a bid of 10 ducats — and bragged about it afterwards while speaking with Lady Isabelle and Lord Alkee-something - within our salon!" Says the courtesan. "The Comte heir insulted Rose Sauvage by commenting on 'lack of skill' in our Piers. But honestly… I hear the way Piers snuffed out the candle with his whip was actually quite precise."

"Wasn't it the other… this Alkee-something who said he'd intervened had the lord been touched by the whip? Do they really think *that* little of us?"

"10 ducats.", the courtesan replies with an ominous look. "That says it all."

The Pirate-Hunter

posted Nov 10 2018

Rumors begin to circulate that Alcibiades Rousse, the newly-fledged captain of The Myrmidon, has had his expertise recognized in the highest circles. He has been granted letters of marque, to sail under the Duchesse's colors and hunt down the pirates that so threaten trade. Word is that he has already begun recruiting seamen and former Marines.

A letter

posted Nov 13 2018

An envelope a mixture of blue and silver mixed together, the name of the person hand write, in the colors of their house, in perfect penmanship.

Inside is a letter, and under that is a engraved flask, with the name of the person again.

The letter reads as follows:


You have been invited to the consort ship of Gemma Renault and Thaddeus Trevalion, to be held on the Sunday, of the 18, we would be most honored to see you there, to bless our way into our future, and to be honored under the love of Eula, as we seek to find our happiness in the world. There we will be a food, and drink to celebrate at the house, after the ceremony is over, and we hope to feast, and drink with you till the rise of the dawn.

Thaddeus Trevalion

A Wounded Dragon

posted Nov 16 2018

Gossip has been emerging from the Rousse Residence that Drake has been hiding in his rooms like a wounded dragon. He refuses to speak to people, while he licks his wounds and soothes them with copious amounts of expensive wine.

"What's going on with the lad?", neighbours muse when meeting in the street.

"Apparently he wanted to marry some noble lady but wasn't deemed good enough for her. Probably feels like a kick to the shin, I'll give him that."

"Aw, poor dear. But there are other fishies in the sea!"

"Indeed, he's young, heartbreak won't last…"

Nodding to each other in agreement, the neighbours tut and go on their merry ways.

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