Rumors, Part 8

June 1312

A New Arrival?

posted Jun 01 2020

The late afternoon warmth of the first day of June brings with it a lacquered black carriage that draws to a halt before the grand entrance of La Rose Sauvage. Borne upon its doors are the insignia which marks it as one of the salon's very own carriages, as well as dust enough upon its paintwork to tell of a journey of considerable length. The horses harnessed within its traces fuss where they stand, their coats sweat-darkened and flecked with foam. A guard in the livery of La Rose Sauvage steps down from the carriage, turning thereafter to offer his hand to his travelling companion; a white robed and veiled creature that can be no other than one of their very own roses. Anyone watching however, might have cause to pause in those thoughts, and to question that truth — for the gown that clings so terribly subtely to the figure beneath is something not seen at the salon before, for it is distinctive in the artful touches of apricot and gold that detract from it's otherwise pristine purity. The two small travelling chests of oak which are unloaded and conveyed within, would raise another question or two as well.

Word quickly spreads and tongues, as tongues are wont to do, gossip.

Flatlandish Fare

posted Jun 01 2020

The popular returning ambassador from the Flatlands, Prince André van Westerlo of Brabant, hosted two days ago in the Jardins d'Eisheth a celebration of one of his own land's favourite holidays: Koningsdag, or the King's Birthday.

Invited guests and casual passersby were treated to music, dancing, and a variety of Flatlandish specialty foods provided gratis by merchants of that land at the prince's behest. These included sweet 'waffles', favourable reports of which have by now reached every single child in the city under the age of ten; savoury cheeses; some sort of luridly coloured cake with a name no two who ate it can agree upon how to spell or pronounce— and the fried potato sticks of legend, in their creamy white sauce, which so thoroughly seduced Marsilikos last year during the Great Exhibition and were once again the first to run out.

Alas, Prince André proved the sole casualty of his own jolly gathering. Some combination of the aforementioned Flatlandish fare impelled him to repair urgently to the adjacent Temple of Eisheth and then to his own suite in the guest quarters of the ducal palace. He has yet to emerge into society again, though his accusations of poisoning have preceded him, carried by the same servants who were so amused by the imprecations — called down chiefly upon a certain "old bat" with a "wonky leg" — heard echoing forth all night from his privy.

A Fox in the Hen House

posted Jun 04 2020

Two Red Roses whisper downstairs at the salon of Rose Sauvage.

"Did you see the lord wandering in on the morning some days ago? He headed right to the dowayne's office? They didn't talk for long. After all, he left shortly after again, with a grave expression on his face."

"So it is true what I heard? Someone went too far in an assignation with a White Rose upstairs?"

"Far enough for a permanent ban to be issued for the patron in question. From the upper floor."

"Ah, I see. So it could be who you and I think it is? Even if he usually isn't too interested in the Whites?"

"I have it from someone who knows," the other Red Rose responds. "Thiérry, the guard. He told me they have been instructed not to admit a certain lord to the Whites upstairs ever again. He didn't give me a name, though." She shrugs. "Rose Sauvage discretion."

Night Court Renovations

posted Jun 04 2020

Those frequenting the Night Court will have noticed, and local courtesans will be aware. One of the smaller salons at the Place de Naamah is undergoing renovations at the moment, and probably already has been doing so for a while. Situated beside La Rose Sauvage is the former Coeur de Lavande, a salon of a brief span of fame and activity. The place has been abandoned for over a year now, since its former propietors had decided to move on and relocate the salon to Namarre.

As for the new purpose of the place, just now word is trickling through the usual channels of local gossip and intrigue that a new salon is to open here soon, a place that will be known as La Rose Blanche.

White Roses on the Move

posted Jun 18 2020

On the morning of June 18th, there can be activity spotted at the Place de Naamah. A procession of white-clad creatures, most of them veiled, are making their way from La Rose Sauvage to the neighbouring property, a building with white washed walls that will open its doors two days from now as the new salon La Rose Blanche.

Azzallese Affiancements

posted Jun 20 2020

House Trevalion and House L'Envers are delighted to announce the betrothal of Lord Augustin Ghislain de Trevalion, vicomte de Rouen, and Lady Soleil Pervenche L'Envers nó Coquelicot, grand-daughter of the baronne de Vézelay.

The famed swordsman, vicomte, and Knight of the White Swan, is said to have been smitten with the lovely Gentian from Mont Nuit since the moment he walked into the Salon de Coquelicot and discovered her there, serving as the Second of her canon and one of the most radiant lights in the Night Court of Marsilikos. Their love match surely received Naamah's blessing even before that of their families, and no doubt gratitude and reverence for the Bright Lady under whose roof they came to know one another plays a part in Mademoiselle Soleil's decision to continue in her service until shortly before she becomes vicomtesse de Rouen.

Amongst the noblesse of Marsilikos there has been speculation meanwhile that after the untimely demise of his sister, Lady Reina de Trevalion, who was heiress to their father the duc d'Azzalle, the new heir Lt. Lord Hugo de Trevalion might honour her betrothal to the Lady's favoured nephew and the planned alliance between their two great houses by choosing a Mereliot for his bride.

However, it transpires that he has been quietly affianced for several years to the Lady Maia Simone Rousse, the youngest daughter of the duc de Roussillion, who is not yet of an age to marry. And so House Mereliot shall not after all have the pleasure and the privilege of offering Azzalle her next duchesse.

Off to Toulon!

posted Jun 23 2020

"Did you see the carriage with the Mereliot coat of arms this morning making its way towards the city gates?"

"I did see the armed escort of Mereliot guards, and yes, the carriage too," replies the elderly lady to the young lord in her company.

"Can't have been the duchesse," he replies. "The retinue would have been larger. I didn't get close enough, though, to get a glimpse."

"Oh. But I did. In the courtyard of the palace," his aunt states not without a certain amount of gratification. "It was the notorious Vicomte de Toulon and his foreign-halfblood wife. Companions, she's definitely pregnant. She's already too far along as that it isn't obvious, she can't hide the fact anymore, not even through wearing the most sophisticated pieces of couture." She sighs softly and shakes her head,

Her nephew arches a brow. "Oh… I see. They will be returning home then. It must make sense, for a woman in her condition."

"Definitely." The aunt cannot help but agree. "She may have two or three months still ahead of her, but… travel will be more perilous, the longer they put it off."

Bruised Camellia

posted Jun 28 2020

These last several weeks the Salon de Lis d'Or has been missing its most impeccable bloom, as Émilie nó Lis d'Or appeared less and less in the public rooms of the house and then faded away from them entirely. Rumour now suggests that she is in the infirmary at the Temple of Eisheth, recovering from a discreetly unnamed illness that has put a premature end to her service to Naamah. Neither she nor her kittens are expected to return to the salon, much to the sorrow of certain novices and adepts who won't know what to do with surplus ribbons.

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