Rumors, Part 7

January 1312

Gueret Passed On

posted Jan 10 2020

After a rumoured long illness, the Vicomte de Gueret, Armand Louis-Claude de Chalasse, finally passed away peacefully in his sleep a few days after Longest Night. His funeral was attended by close family, including his now widow Philomène and his cousin Aurore, who were fortunate enough to have coincidentally both reached Gueret with days to spare before his death.

The new Vicomtesse, Eleanor de Chalasse, is said to have taken over the running of the vicomté smoothly while the dowager Vicomtesse has been spotted once more in Marsilikos, presumably to resume trade negotiations albeit this time on behalf of her daughter.

Any vicious rumours about the sour old woman's glare being enough to kill any man are strictly that. Vicious rumours.

February 1312

Murder Gossip

posted Feb 13 2020

"Goodness. What a story! You must have heard about that man getting killed at that harbor tavern, the Kraken's Den?", asks a young seller of paper flowers at the market promenade a slightly older colleague who has fine fabrics and ribbons on sale.

"Poor lad. I hear he was a foreigner. At least by the looks of him? Dead as a bat. Such a waste. The poor fellow. At least, they caught the wench that murdered him. She got nearly killed as well, when they got her. Spent a few days at the infirmary, with city guards keeping watch over her. But now, I suppose she's in the dungeons."

"Yeah, that's what I heard, as well. I'd like to know though… did she kill him for money, or because he done her some wrong? Maybe she was in love with him, and he betrayed her love…"

"Ah… so romantic, and so d'Angeline…" The ribbon seller laughs, with warmth and amusement. "I don't know. I heard she was wearing all black and that she had a sword on her, and she truly knew how to use it. The big Skaldi went in pursuit of her, and she must have bested him as he almost got killed."

"She has a sharp way of dealing with things," the paper flower seller jests and chuckles. "Anyway… I don't think we will have to wait for too long, before they'll have her executed. Whatever her motive was. I will make some black roses to sell at the execution." At which she lifts one of her paper flowers with a triumphant grin.

March 1312

Gossip from the Citadel

posted Mar 07 2020

Guards are chatting in the practice grounds of the citadel.

"Eh, François? Were you around yesterday, when that ominous Monsieur arrived to poke around about our prisoner? The stabby woman, I mean?"

"Don't know anything about a man posing as stabby damsel," the other guard replies in jest. "But there was this chap, Fournier or Fourier, who said he's authorized to investigate about the woman called Orsa."


"He presented a document to us, written and signed by the Comtesse of Corsica. Roland Fourier. That's his name."

"So. What about him?"

The other guard waits for a moment with his reply, regarding the other with a grin. "Monsieur Fourier claims that the man who was murdered was an informant of House Rousse. He had important information he wanted to pass on to Monsieur Fourier. A pity that this Piedro died before he could tell Fourier anything. There was a letter, and they were to meet at the Kraken's Den."

"And what now?"

"Fourier has demanded to interrogate the prisoner. She should know something. Lucky for her. Chances were she was to be executed tomorrow. This should buy her a few more days."

April 1312

Delayed Pleasures

posted Apr 25 2020

The marriage of the lady Reina Alexandria de Trevalion, heiress to the sovereign duchy of Azzalle, to a nephew of the sovereign duchesse d'Eisande has sadly been postponed, once again, owing to the bride's ill health.

Lady Reina has for several years been a popular lady-in-waiting to the duchesse, and her presence is much missed at court entertainments.

Her nuptials were originally to have taken place last autumn in Azzalle. They were then delayed until the spring of this year, to allow her time to recover her strength after an intermittent illness that left her dull and fatigued, and spoiled her appetite for even the most delicate viands. But Eisheth's order is on the case; and with the attentions of the finest and most compassionate clerics the angel of healing has to offer, a cure is only a matter of time.

The gossip is now of a July wedding in Marsilikos, at the height of the glorious Eisandine summer. And then orange blossom shall be woven at last into the lady's hair, and the bonds between two great houses joyously renewed.

Tournament Gossip

posted Apr 29 2020

Even as many look forward to the upcoming closing feast, the contests have been spectacular and are the current hot topic in the city.

While there were competitors from all the provinces at the archery, it was an Azzallese lord who emerged as the winner. Étienne d'Arguil. And while the Kusheline presence of Valerie Cherevin and Rémy de Morhban cannot be argued, it was the odd choice of attire in Farah de Mereliot that has sparked rumors. Tunic and leggings oddly stressed a decline of waist in the young wife of the Vicomte de Toulon.

The duels then were definitely dominated by the Camaeline contestants. While Eisande was strong, especially Aidan Delaunay who made third place, it was Ezio d'Aiglemort who faced Yves Valliers twice, until he was eventually defeated in the last match.

The performance contest was spectacular, and the setting had been chosen well. The stage was set at the opera of Marsilikos for a string of wonderful performances. There was a variety of dances, a sword dance presented by Étienne d'Arguil, a more alluring dance performed by the Priestess of Naamah, Estelle Lacroix, and a combination of song and dance as was presented by Valerie Cherevin. Most spectacular was the cake that the local baker Audrialla Malet had prepared, and it was styled to represent the Dome of the Lady. Very singular, in that slices of said cake were offered to the audience, including the ducal family. Those who were fortunate enough to taste it claim it was the most delicious treat they ever enjoyed.

But… it were the musical performances that did impress, as Alair the Bard gave a captivating performance that was only surpassed by the aria performed by Bastien de Mereliot, a former novice of the salon de Lis d'Or. One cannot argue the sparkle and the skill of the future baron d'Auzonnet.

And there came the horse race with a tricky track of obstacles. Where, to everyone's surprise, not only young lords and ladies did compete. In fact, the two people dominating the contest turned out to be rather seasoned females, such as the dowager vicomtesse of Gueret, Philomène d'Aiglemort de Chalasse, and Oriane Somerville de Toluard. And while the former won the day, it was the latter whose courage was either admired or dismissed as careless folly of a woman who dared to compete at the age of 68!

The melee then turned out to be the highlight of the tourney. As expected, Camaeline lords such as Yves Valliers and Ezio d'Aiglemort proved to be tough opponents. Adding to some amusement were two members of the city guard who decided to team up against them. Eventually, neither of them were left for the final fight. It was the hour of Aidan Delaunay, who took home the win, after a spectacular fight against the Skaldi in service of House Baphinol, Master Tancred.

Rumor has it that prizes will be awarded to the winners on the upcoming closing feast that will be held at the great hall of the ducal palace.

May 1312

A Flower Falls

posted May 08 2020

Whispers of tragic news are making their way down the hill, from the hushed corridors of the Dome of the Lady into the city of Marsilikos.

In the early hours of this morning priests of Eisheth were summoned in haste to the bedside of the lady Reina Alexandria de Trevalion, to treat her for what seemed to be a sudden and severe attack of the bilious malady which has troubled her these many months. Despite their heroic efforts and the prayers of all who watched by her in the night, a little while past dawn the lady breathed her last.

House Mereliot joins House Trevalion in mourning the loss of a beloved cousin and friend, who was soon to have renewed the old tie between their houses.

Lady Reina left no children of her own. The new heir to the sovereign duchy of Azzalle is her brother Lt. Lord Hugo de Trevalion, an officer in the Royal Navy presently stationed in Marsilikos while his ship is refitted.

A Wedding in Avignon

posted May 12 2020

Lord Jehan-Pascal Aumande de Baphinol and the Lady Favourite nó Heliotrope de Tremaine, having travelled here to Marsilikos by different routes, are leaving as one, mounting up into a shared carriage earlier this morning and sallying forth along the route to Avignon. They will be joined in marriage this Friday, May 15th, and then Avignon will welcome her future Comtesse with a week of festivities, feasts and gatherings of various sizes.

International Affairs

posted May 16 2020

Can a Camaeline change its spots? In recent weeks Philomène Aiglemort de Chalasse has caused a stir all over Marsilikos with her inflammatory remarks (ahem) about the slimy behaviour of Flatlanders and the inferiority of their cheeses. But now rumour has it she's besotted with another gentleman from the Flatlands— someone darker in colouring and tremendously muscular, by the name of Hercule.

Will love soften the Dowager Vicomtesse de Gueret's flinty old heart? Will she eat her words? Will she even eat Flatlandish cheese? Time, perhaps, may tell.

Flowering Gentian

posted May 18 2020

In the past half a year since her arrival in Marsilikos under circumstances which stirred whispers of a private sorrow, Soleil L'Envers nó Coquelicot has become one of her new salon's most treasured flowers: a bright and charming presence on social occasions, a patient mentor to the novices and adepts of her rare canon, and a courtesan truly beloved of her patrons.

Now the Night Court is abuzz with the news that she has been named Gentian Second of Le Coquelicot. Has the Dowayne, Philandre Chalasse nó Coquelicot, just anointed his eventual successor? Or is his aim simply to bind to his salon a gifted Gentian who has already received other flattering offers?

Blue Doors Barred

posted May 20 2020

The house with the bright blue doors in the rue du Port has been shuttered and barred, marking Lady Oriane Somerville de Toluard's departure to Elua upon the business of her lawsuit against the present duc de Toluard.

The former comtesse de Bordeaux's legal affairs have afforded Eisandine as well as Siovalese society with periodic items of gossip during her sojourn in Marsilikos and her battle to reclaim the title and lands stripped from her after the death of her consort of thirty years, the late duc de Toluard.

Whether her presence in the capital will succeed in clarifying matters, or indeed put an end to this untidy dynastic dispute, remains to be seen.

Gold Keys in the Night

posted May 22 2020

Rumor mill has it that a carriage bearing the arms of the Shahrizai came riding into town in the middle of the night, surrounded by a handful of armed guards. The curtains of the carriage were drawn closed to ensure privacy for who ever was inside. The carriage made a bee line to the Shahrizai residence.

Emigré Encroachment

posted May 23 2020

They say that Émilie Perigeux nó Lis d'Or, who serves her glittering salon as its Second of Camellias, has been keeping company these last weeks with a foreign merchant, yellow-haired and black-coated, who squires her about on his arm or else just follows in her train, without having much to say for himself.

He accompanied her to a recent debut at La Glycine; and they've been seen together at the Golden Harbour, at La Perle Noire, and walking in the Jardins d'Eisheth. A curious choice for a woman in her position— though rumour suggests that her merchant friend may be the self-same fellow now settling into Maison de la Mouette, one of the largest and most advantageously positioned of the houses which gaze over the harbour from the rue du Port. Perhaps that goes some way toward explaining it? Even Naamah was, after her fashion, a businesswoman.

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