Rumors, Part 4

January 1311

No rumors were posted for January, due to Longest Night Plot being backscened.

February 1311

Where was the lady?

posted Feb 17 2019

"Heloise! Heloise!" A young pretty faced woman waves in the market. A bit older Mademoiselle turns around to find her friend in an early morning crowd.

"Lea, good morning to you as well! What are you doing out here so early?" She asks setting a basket full of vegetables and fruits on the ground.

"I have hoped to meet you here," Lea explains. "Tell me, how was it?"

"What are you talking about?" Heloise seems to be honestly surprised.

"Of course, I am talking about the Ducal Court! You served there, didn't you?"

"Aaaah… Yes, I did. It was good. They spoke of an upcoming marriage with some foreign princes and princesses. Exciting!"

"And that is all?.." Lea sighs with a touch of disappointment.

"Well, there was one thing which caught my attention…" Heloise drawls making her friend's eyes light up with curiosity. "Ducal Heir of house Somervilla did come to an event. He is still young but he is betrothed to a beautiful and charming rela-…"

"Yes, yes. Lady Phaénne Shaylee Mereliot. I have seen her once with the real heir to Somervilles. She was suppose to marry him not this… he gives me…" She leans in forward and whispers something into her friend's ear.

"Don't speak like that!" Heloise gasps. "Someone could hear. One way or the other, lord Somerville did not have lady Mereliot at his arm. She was nowhere to be seen. He has spent the whole evening with his guard who was dressed more like another lord than an actual guard…"

"Oh! Do you think he is… He is not. He couldn't. Or is he?" Lea tramples the ground excitedly.

"I don't know," Heloise shrugs, "But by the angels that guard was handsome!.."

More Ducal Court Gossip

posted Feb 17 2019

It is the topic of the day, throughout the various public places within the city. Even at the Golden Harbor, two ladies can be overheard as they discuss the occurences of the previous day.

"So. Her Grace has made the announcements. The new Vicomte Drake Rousse is to marry a princess of Bhodistan! How exciting!"

"Banns had already been posted earlier, for that match at least. But what about the other one? This was the first time I heard about Lord Marco getting married as well.", the other lady replies with a wink. "Is he wroth at Her Grace because of it?"

"Ah…. both foreign princesses looked very beautiful, I doubt either of their husbands-to-be is complaining about their lot."

There is an ominous pause.

"But don't you think that this Cyriel Charlot was pretty rude when he addressed the Duchesse? I admire her formidable composure, that made Lady Armandine counter his remark with so much ease and stringency. It was pretty out of place for him to bring up the matter of the abductions, and that matter of poor Lady Desarae's family, too."

"Was it?", the other lady counters. "My eyes were on Lady Desarae and she looked positively pale. She soon excused herself. Poor thing."

This is met with a faint shrug of a lady's shoulders. "Lady Desarae should have someone find a match for her, so that she can have something to look forward to," the lady drawls, rolling her eyes just so. "A pity she is yet so young, she will have to wait for a while till she can get married."

"Now, let us speak of something else, if you please? How fine Lord Jehan-Pascal looked in his attire. He always dresses with so much care, don't you think…?"

White Rose Second

posted Feb 17 2019

Rumors slip out of Rose Sauvage that Marielle Rousse no Rose Sauvage was made Second of the White Roses. Though, they seemed rumors at first they were confirmed to be true at the announcement of a Celebration Masque in honor of her new title (+Event 2). Those who wish to bring up matters to the White Rose Second are encouraged to speak with her.

Grain from Chalasse

posted Feb 19 2019

I heard it at the market today. There were complaints, the wheat was mixed with sawdust. The barrels bore the stamp of House Chalasse. I cannot believe that Viscontesse would trick people though, she assured us it was the very best, but two days of labour, and I will not be able to sell any of it!

March 1311

Ange Luthiers

posted Mar 03 2019

Word has begun to spread that a new shop has opened on the Grand Plaza. Ange Luthiers, Roxane nó Eglantine proprietor, offers the sale, crafting, repair, and maintenance of all manner of stringed instruments, both those native to Terre d'Ange as well as a fair number of exotic imports. In addition to such work, Roxane also offers instruction in instrument and voice.

OOC: That's right, Ange Luthiers is open for business. All manner of customers are welcome. In addition to work at the shop, Roxane can and does do work on location, so if you can't come to her, she can come to you. As well, Roxane, now an independent courtesan, has only recently come to Marsilikos, from House Eglantine in Elua. Previous relationships are welcome. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to work out prior or existing relationships!

White Rose Showings

posted Mar 10 2019

Rumor has it that Rose Sauvage is planning what is rare for them, it has been pretty close to a year since the last, a Showing. Even more rare it will be hosted by the White Roses alng with an Adept from another salon. It seems to attending he showing one most win the favor of the White Rose Second.

It will be coupled with a fete that is open to nobles and courtesans

OOC: Invitations to the White Rose Showings is limited. Though, if you would liek to go to the Showing let me know. When it is will be based on the availability of the 2 PC Adepts. We can RP the gaining the favor of Marielle or just hand wave. While there are restrictions on getting invited to the Showing IC but OOC there is little restriction.

Bloodied and Broken

posted Mar 10 2019

Across the city a rumour starts spreading, travelling at the speed only bad news can. While some of the stories seem to have a pursuit through dark laneways, and others the theft of thousands of ducats worth of jewels, some things do appear consistent. Two people were found in the lane between the port and the main market square, and taken to the Infirmary at the Temple of Eisheth. Helene Verreuil, the Baronesse de Poumarous was seen leaving the Harbourmasters office, and then found lying in a laneway between two buildings with her guard. Both were taken to the Temple laid out in a wagon, covered in blood, and unmoving. From there the rumours are inconsistent again. Did they survive? Was one of them moved? Who was responsible?

An incident in the docks

posted Mar 12 2019

"Hey, what did you find out there?" A curious teenage boy asks his friend in the docks.

"Huh? Nothing, Louis!" That other boy quickly stuffs his hands inside large pockets.

"No! Don't lie to me! You picked something up a few seconds ago, Armand," Louis gets annoyed and steps closer reaching for the arm of his friend. "Show me! If that is a coin it's mine, because you own me a few silvers since the begining of winter!"

"I am telling you, it's nothing!" Armand takes a few steps backwards but bumps into a passerby. The old woman grumps but without causing any turmoil walks away.

Louis grabs Armand's arm, his hand slides out of the pocket and a small bottle drops into the puddle. "What the hell is this?" Louis asks upon picking it up. He looks more closely into the grey liquid inside.

"It's mine! I found it! Give it back!" Armand almost growls and jumps on Louis who drops the small bottle and let's it roll down into the river from the side of the docks.

After exchanging a few punches, Louis and Armand are separated by the city guards.

Making Waves

posted Mar 30 2019

The port of Marsilikos is suffering a small blonde upheaval, in the form of Her Grace the duchesse's new deputy treasurer: a retired Bryony courtesan just arrived from Elua and keen to make her mark by rationalising the means by which import and export taxes are calculated, collected, and documented.

Her mission, of course, as any sensible person would see, is to make doubly certain that all is conducted as equitably as Eisheth herself would wish; that House Mereliot receives a just profit from the commerce passing under its aegis; that its revenues remain equal to its responsibilities toward Eisande and its people. Praiseworthy, no doubt. But many a ship's captain who maintains a set of dual account books has been unnerved in recent days by the friendly and intelligent questions of Garance nó Bryony; and who knows where it will end—?

Members Only

posted Mar 30 2019

People frequenting the Grand Plaza and keepers of shops located there will have noticed recent activity at Le Requin. The place used to be a gentlemen's club back in the day, but had gone idle and closed down ten years ago. For the past two weeks, craftsmen have been seen entering the house.

"They are working in there, right? They must be. I've heard noise of a hammer from within."

"Could be someone seeks to destroy the place?"

"Nope. I'd rather suspect someone's making Le Requin all pretty again… For what purpose, I can only imagine."

"Could be that someone wants it to reopen its doors? I remember, the club was quite selective back then."

"The club is property of House Mereliot. How odd, that Lord Belmont Delaunay has been seen lingering about the house, giving directions to the craftsmen?"

"I mean… If he were taking care of renovations, he must have struck some sort of agreement with the Duchesse?"

"Or he is acting on the Duchesse's orders?"

"Nah. I don't think so. The Duchesse would never be allowed to enter the club. She… well… lacks a certain detail that will grant her entrance."

"Hmm, you are right. Members only."

April 1311


posted Apr 01 2019

By order of the duchesse d'Eisande the merchant vessel "True North" has been placed under quarantine. It seems that during its voyage a passenger became gravely ill, and today six members of the crew joined him in his malady.

The "True North" is now anchored a short way out in the harbour, watched and supplied by patrol boats with Mereliot crews, interdicted to all others.

The last man to go aboard was an elderly priest of Eisheth resolute in his determination to tend the ill and the dying. They will have that comfort at least in what is expected to be the last hours for many of them.

Meanwhile anyone living and working around the harbour who happens to cough or to sniffle, is being looked at askance; and healers from the Temple of Eisheth are reportedly seeking anyone who had commerce (of whatever nature) with its crew during the handful of hours which elapsed between the ship reaching Marsilikos from its last port in Menekhet, and the publication of the ban.

A New Vicomte d'Orange!

posted Apr 01 2019

News from the Baphinol lands have been making the rounds, that the young heir to the Vicomté d'Orange has been finally granted the right to take over, only few weeks after his eighteenth birthday. At the end of March, he was even spotted in Marsilikos to introduce himself to the Duchesse of Eisande and swear fealty, as behooves a proper vassal.

Needless to say, that Lord Boniface has been besieged by several mothers of eligible young ladies, and this may be the explanation that he was seen leaving Marsilikos again today in a bit of a hurry, bid farewell by his mother, the Dowager Vicomtesse Delphine le Blanc de Baphinol. Some say, she was in tears. But whether from grief to part with her son, or from glee to have parted with her former duties is open to interpretation.

Death of Baron Auzonnet

posted Apr 01 2019

Gerard Mereliot, the Baron Auzonnet, after long suffering from a wasting disease, has died. The family in the last couple of years has been haunted by tragedy, as both of the Baron's sons were killed. First the younger son, Marcus was killed in a duel; then, his elder son and heir, Antonio was killed when his merchant ship was beseiged by pirates. There was a lot of talk about who would inherit the title, but apparently, the Baron had an illegimate son with a courtesan that he acknowledged on his death bed. The late baron's heir, Bastien Mereliot, is too young to take the title, so for now, until he comes of age, the title will go unclaimed.

Courtesan Leaves Coquelicot

posted Apr 02 2019

It has been announced that Aimée Rousse no Coquelicot has left the salon to pursue a further career as a healer. Though hardly a surprise, at is has long been her mabition to become a fully qualified chirurgeon after her career as a courtesan came to a close, there has still been some gossip around the Salon about other reasons that might have prompted the departure. Now called Aimée no Coquelicot Rousse, she can be found many days in practice at the Infirmary, or in classes at the Medical Academy. While a loss for Coquelicot, it is a gain for House Rousse.

Quarantine! (cont.)

posted Apr 03 2019

Before dawn this morning, with as little fanfare as possible, the first corpse was removed from the "True North": that of the passenger from Menekhet with whom the outbreak of the disease is believed to have originated.

His plain pine box was nailed shut on board and taken on shore by Mereliot men (gloved and masked for the occasion) and burnt quickly, under the supervision of Eisheth's priests, who are particular about these things.

Ill-informed local gossip has thus far a) established that the entire ship's company is dying too, b) added to their number three (3) beauteous visiting courtesans, tragically trapped by the quarantine and now in danger of their lives too, c) invented seventeen (17) imaginary cases of the fever on shore, d) envied the good fortune of a carpenter a couple of streets over (always the cousin of somebody one's brother-in-law met in a tavern: never anybody one knows personally) who's been working overtime on coffins and even taken on a new apprentice to keep up with the demand, and e) decimated the population of Menekhet.

Take that with the usual grain of salt.

Quarantine! (cont.)

posted Apr 05 2019

A certain sailor missing from the "True North" has at last been found. It seems that immediately upon the ship's making port he swam ashore without leave to visit his lover. The two of them spent the last several days closeted together in rented chambers, until he fell ill and she sought a healer's advice: the lovebirds are now said to be sharing a chamber in Eisheth's Infirmary instead.

These are the only confirmed cases of the fever on shore; though two further coffins have been removed from the ship under cover of darkness.

Quarantine! (cont.)

posted Apr 10 2019

The sailor and his sweetheart who sojourned together in Eisheth's Infirmary under the care of Gwenaëlle Mereliot, passed away on the 9th within half a day of one another despite all that so gifted a priestess could do for them.

Their tale being particularly calculated to bring a little mist into the eyes of d'Angeline romantics, a minstrel was heard at the Leaping Fish on the afternoon of the 10th working up a new lament on the theme of dying for love. Needless to say he left out the runny noses, the red eyes, and of course the rash.

Quarantine! (cont.)

posted Apr 11 2019

The half a dozen survivors of the "True North" were this morning deemed no longer contagious: they were carried off their ill-fated vessel on stretchers and loaded into carts, to make a gentle progress through the city under the supervision of Eisheth's priesthood. Removed from the scene of their recent torments, they'll be convalescing in the infirmary's far more salubrious surroundings.

One cart in the train took however a different turn, away from the temple district and up the winding rue du Palace to the Dome of the Lady.

The Blind Bryony

posted Apr 12 2019

It is by now no secret within the precincts of the ducal palace that the duchesse's new deputy treasurer, Garance nó Bryony, of whom so much was heard at first and so little more latterly, was during the course of her research into import and export taxes caught within the quarantine cordon on the "True North".

She survived the fever and is reported to be recuperating well in most respects. However, she has lost the sight in both her eyes and her healers are doubtful that it will ever return to her. Her position in the duchesse's service suddenly looks shaky. Who ever heard of a treasurer who can't read her own paperwork?

Courtesans for a Feast

posted Apr 12 2019

Word spreads that the Priestess of Naamah is seeking to obtain the services of a number of Courtesans from any and all canons. The Courtesans hired can treat it as an assignation or claim it a favor for the Naamah Temple, the Angel for the Courtesans. All Courtesans who wish to partake in the feast that is being planned are invited to stop by Naamah's Temple or send word to it.

OOC: The OOC part is.. I want to make a feast thing on the Day of Naamah that incorporates Courtesans since Courtesans are considered the servants on Naamah. The loose idea is that some will be the 'trays' (AKA courtesans laid upon tables with food placed upon them), some will be entertainment, and so on. Basically, I'm willing to work your PC angle into the evening in some form.Contact me via mail, page, or RP or nudge me on Marielle (If Emilie is not connected) to chat

The Vicomté de Grasse

posted Apr 12 2019

In the depths of last winter Lord Guillarme Rousse, vicomte de Grasse, succumbed to the lung disease that had long plagued him even in Eisande's mild climes.

Since that time there has been an interregnum in Grasse, the vicomté being administered by stewards appointed by House Rousse whilst every effort was made to trace his son and heir, Lord Leonard Tiberion Rousse. It seems Lord Leonard was always happier abroad than in Terre d'Ange, and that last autumn when his father's health seemed to be rallying his wanderlust and his intellectual curiosity led him across the sea again for one last adventure while he was still free.

Months have passed without word from Lord Leonard; the search made for him by Rousse ships has failed; the duc de Roussillion now, regretfully, considers this son of his house to be deceased, and has made arrangements for the inheritance of the vicomté de Grasse by another branch of the Rousse family.

The new-named vicomte is Lord Esperère Oreste Rousse, a fine young man who will turn eight years old later in the year. It is understood that his mother, the lady Chimène Rousse de la Courcel, will act as his regent until he comes of age.

Sharking it Behind Closed Doors

posted Apr 23 2019

Two ladies are chatting on the grand plaza, as they return from a stroll to the market promenade. As they are passing the Club de Requin, one lady touches the other at the arm, and they come to a halt. Light giggles can be heard from them as they regard the man on guard at the door.

"Goodness. That club is being all selective. Just like in the old times. When did it open again?", Fernandine wonders towards her friend.

"Ah, just a few days ago. I heard, Lord Belmont was seen pretty often hereabouts in the weeks before, making sure the renovations went as planned.", the younger lady responds. "And I also heard that some lords came by indeed, on that opening afternoon."

"Ah Mathilde, there will always be men like that, seeking seclusion from us… But if you ask me, men don't need any fancy interior. Renovations should have been done in a matter of days…"

"Not here," Mathilde responds. "One hears that the first new members signed up on that very day. And even now…", she lets her gaze drift, stepping aside as a gentleman in noble clothing makes his way towards the club's entrance. Mathilde lowers her voice at once, even as her gaze follows the club's new visitor. "Even now, people are paying the club a visit to speak with Lord Belmont about conditions of how to join the club."

"I wonder, what they may be doing in there, Mathilde…?", Fernandine muses. "Politics? Betting? Wagers, and gambling?"

"My brother joined the club two days ago. He told me that there is also a space for duelling in the club.", Mathilde replies with a grin. "Now. What would happen if all these lords decided to get into dispute with each other, and one by one, they would resolve it in duels."

At this Fernandine rolls her eyes with a soft sigh. "To think, all of Eisande's male nobility, erased at once, for the fun of it?"

Poison! Poison?

posted Apr 23 2019

Two fellows converse at a commoners' tavern.

C: "Well, Nico, I heard something queer."

N: "What's that, Charlie?"

C: "Only you know my sister is friends with the healer."

N: "Which sister's that, then? The pretty one?"

C: "Shut up. Healer comes round yesterday night, said she stumbled into something funny. You know that young lord with the stutter?"

N: "Symon de something, eh? Buys scarves and trinkets and such off us in the marketplace from time to time. But he ain't /that/ young."

C: "That's the one. Healer got called round his place and what should she find there but a sailor suffering in the throes of poisoning!"

N: "Poisoning! How'd that happen?"

C: "Healer says she figures the stutterer did it. Lovers' quarrel, maybe. Pickin' 'em up on the docks, lurin' 'em in, and if they don't do what he says…! And it's the last thing the sailors need with that plague ship and all."

N: "No, no, no. Can't be. You've got it wrong again. Lord Symon's only got half a brain, but he's sweet-natured. Plus I hear he's been searching for a bride. He's not going around poisoning any sailors."

C: "You always think you know better when you weren't even there. Healer says they kept going on about 'frog' this and 'frog' that. Figures maybe that's what the sailor goes by."

N: "That's funny. What kind of a name is 'Frog' to go by? Comes to Lord Symon, I'd think he'd be picking out frocks rather than picking up Frogs. Did the sailor die?"

C: "Nah, he'll be all right. Thank heavens and Healer Dargy."

Ladies Club

posted Apr 23 2019

The Comte Heir of Vichy was heard to be whispering mild disgruntlements about how women are being blocked from certain places and this doesn't sit well with her. The word starts to spread that she looking to get together with other women to set up their own place that disincludes men.

OOC: Contact Ghislaine in some form if you want to help make a LAdies Clb like the men's one. Sorry, my rumor writing isn't as fanciful as other peoples!

First Blood at Le Requin

posted Apr 23 2019

On the occasion of the triumphal reopening of Le Requin certain of its privileged new members and their guests were heard to speculate upon the suitability of its frescoed and pillared atrium for the gentlemanly sport of dueling.

They had scant time to wait before the theory was put to the test, the 23rd day of the month seeing a face-off between Lord Victor Delaunay — the young uncle-in-law of Lord Belmont d'Eresse Delaunay, under whose auspices the club was reopened — and a visitor from Camlach, between whom there was some dispute over dice.

The club rules prevailed and the matter was settled amicably, with first blood to the lord of Montchapetre. Both were roundly celebrated by their fellow members and thereafter the uisghe flowed like the water of life that it is.

Fish Slipping the Hook

posted Apr 24 2019

Tongues certainly wagged when, in the aftermath of last year's tragedies in Béziers, the novice Desarae Mereliot was removed from the Salon de la Rose Sauvage to take up a new position as the heiress to the marquisate of Chavaise.

A child from one of the house's lesser lines was confided to the Rose Sauvage for fosterage, to replace the Red Rose snipped away just upon the verge of blossoming — but now the Lis d'Or has been obliged to surrender a novice of its own, Bastien Mereliot, on the same grounds and just as near to his debut.

It seems that House Mereliot is pleased to provide its scions with Night Court training, without honouring the service subsequently owed to the Bright Lady. Is there no such creature as a regent? Is House Mereliot so hard up for heirs that its youth cannot spare a year or two to honour Naamah and her graces? The payments made are beside the point, compared with the slight of it… At least, that's what certain courtesans of the city have been heard to murmur.

What happened to the horse?

posted Apr 25 2019

"You know, when I think of a house of Somerville, I always think of laughter, blush and sweet apples. It always makes me think of something beautiful and cheerful…" A young lady whispers to another in the Golden Harbor Inn.

"I can only agree. Once I have met lord Lucien Gaillard de Somerville. He was almost like an incarnation of perfection. I was so jealous that it was lady Phaenne Shaylee Mereliot who got betrothed to him…" The red-haired beauty agrees. "But why did you bring it up?"

"Well… I can not believe how someone like this new ducal heir can be a brother to lord Lucien, may angels be kind on his soul!"

"Are you talking about lord Timothee?"

"Indeed. I may be wrong, but I heard a rumor that right after he lost the horse race, he decided to send that poor animal to the butcher. As if that would be horse's fault!" A younger lady takes a longer sip of her wine.

"Are you sure that he did it? It sounds terrible and quite unreasonable! Isn't the ducal heir suppose to have some sense in his head?"

"He should. But now I feel no longer surprised that he did not have a favor of his wife-to-be. Poor lady Phaenne… I haven't seen her around much since the arrival of lord Timothee. Probably she is still mourning for lord Lucien…"


And both ladies take a full gulp of wine.

Delaunay Deceased

posted Apr 25 2019

The body of a man slain by the sword was discovered this morning in the Bois d'Aubagne, imperfectly concealed in a thicket of hawthorn bushes.

In death he retained still his purse, leading the City Guard to conclude that it was not an ordinary case of robbery or misadventure. Documents found upon his person implied that he might be Lord Victor Delaunay, a half-brother of the present comtesse Delaunay; this afternoon Lord Victor's consort, the lady Dorimène nó Cereus de Shahrizai, provided a formal identification of his remains.

It is understood that Lord Victor had been paying a long visit to his family at Aix, and had become an invaluable aide-de-camp to his elder sister the comtesse. He returned to Marsilikos for the reopening of Le Requin, the gentlemen's club stewarded by his nephew-in-law Lord Belmont d'Eresse Delaunay.

Lord Victor was 26 years old. He is survived by his distraught consort, their two young daughters, his full brother Lord Aidan Delaunay and the numerous half-siblings provided him by his notorious parent the Comte Abdicataire.

Montchapetre Missing

posted Apr 28 2019

During the last several days the City Guard has been making inquiries amongst the Camaeline nobility presently resident in Marsilikos, and the membership of the gentlemen's club Le Requin, in quest of one Maxence de Montchapetre. Alas, they have been unable to establish his whereabouts since the 23rd of the month: the occasion of his friendly duel on club premises with Lord Victor Delaunay, whose whereabouts are now, as it were, set in stone for all eternity.

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