Rumors, Part 1

April 1310

Duel at Night!

posted Apr 23 2018

Two ladies are chatting at the Wine Cellar, whilst going through a few local wines.

"Did you hear? There was horror and bloodshed on the market promenade last night.", asks the older of the two, a distinguished lady of House Baphinol.

"Horror?", the younger of the two responds with a giggle. "More like a duel. I hear some Mereliot ladies were there to witness. Lady Imogen, and that young Rose novice, as well!"

"That young Eresse lord got almost killed, or so they say. He was bleeding all over the place! I wonder whether he's died from all of the blood loss.", says her aunt, swirling her red wine in the goblet with morbid fascination. "Ferraut. I wonder what will come of it. Do we have a new feud in the making?"

Her niece seems to be slightly more emotionally attached as she shakes her head vehemently. "I don't know what you heard, aunt. But I know that Lord Belmont d'Eresse was brought to the infirmary, to have his injuries looked at. The city guard escorted him all the way there. There was a handkerchief, a lady's sort of handkerchief they have used for him to stop the bleeding. Now I'm wondering which of the ladies gave it to him? Or was it from another lady, a token of affection, perhaps?"

"You are far too romantic, my dear," her aunt tells her with a dry twist of a smile. "Could be it was merely a piece of his torn shirt. Cut to shreds by the Ferraut's blade. Either way… There may be consequences, and I would tread very lightly in the weeks to come, if I were that scoundrel of Ghislain de Ferraut."

May 1310

A Dramatic Arrival

posted May 09 2018

It seems that word has spread that an ambassador of Menekhet was carried into the palace a bloody mess! What is going on in Caerdicca to have an attack a foreign dignitary on a mission of peace?! The young woman and her caravan was attacked in northern Caerdicca Unitas, causing half of her group to be killed. After fighting off the assailants and an unknown escort helping them to the City of Marsilikos before disappearing, seems she's been invited to stay in the city as she recoups.

A little birdie also has said that during the conversation between this Menekhet and the Duchesse….she's related to the Pharaoh of her lands. Wonder how well he's going to take the news when he hears of her state if she truly is a relative of a foreign king.

The Lady in Grey

posted May 14 2018

A group of dock workers are playing a game of stones outside on of the taverns, ale is flowing and conversation is loud.

"Saw the Lady with me own two eyes. Two baskets she had, both filled with bread by the looks of it." A hand is rubbed across his mouth, and he throws one of his stones. It misses the one that he aims at.

"You're shite at this game. Gonna be an easy steal," The next worker says as he readies to aim. "So what was she doing then, this lady with the bread?"

A smirk from the first, knowing he's gossip that others have not. "Well she done walked right down to the dockside with her guards and handed it out to them's that wanted it," he says. "Should have seen those kids swarm. Elua be blessed, it's been a while since some of them have had bread that's been baked fresh that same day."

He spits to one side then aims his stone, plinking it neatly atop the previous one thrown. A grin. "Guess this next round's on you."

"What's her name? This woman with the bread?" Another asks.

"Dunno. But she's been down a few times these last few days. First time she brought bread though. Wear a lot of black and grey and don't smile much 'cept for when she was giving that bread out."

It appears that the poor of the city that hang around the docks have found for themselves a new benefactor in the form of Lady Fleur Courcel nó Heliotrope de Valais, a recent arrival to the jewel of Eisande.

Lack of Control

posted May 15 2018

Two young women sit outside at a small cafe, having tea as they chatter about. One, a pretty blonde with blue eyes in a fine gown starts to giggle as she finally seems to remember something.

"Did you hear?" The blonde's lips simply tug into a mischievous smirk.

"Of what? There is so much going on…." Her companion was a busy brunette with green eyes that seems to lean forward though not lowering her voice.

"Well…that young courtesan that is to debut….Desarae? Apparently she was beyond rude to that Menekhet ambassador! Simply because she was…Menekhet." A twinkle in those blue eyes as she lifts her cup to take a sip.

Those green eyes go wide as she hears that. "Oh my! I know not everyone is keen on foreigners but an official representative of that country? Goodness. And she is supposed to be related to Her Grace? That is utterly shocking behavior. At least feign respect to someone like that. You never know how they might take it." A tsk is heard as she goes back to her tea.

The two women continue to speak amongst themselves, sharing the latest gossip of the city.

Beauty and the Basement

posted May 19 2018

There's a buzz moving through the port of Marsilikos,

A feisty young woman with hair red as fire, and a bewitching beauty that has no place on the docks, has just started working at the Kraken's Den. Gossip is aplenty about what exactly the young woman does down there at the Kraken, some say she's just there to serve drinks, others swear she'll dance for the rowdy crowds when the liquor starts flowing after dark, others say that other entertainment can be had with the young woman.

Bloodshed at Béziers!

posted May 19 2018

Horrendous tidings arrived with a messenger to yesterday's Ducal Court. The Festival of Lights at Béziers, held traditionally by the Duchesse's sister, Monique Ariane Mereliot, Marquise de Chavaise, found an unexpected conclusion, when the gathering at the harbor shifted into chaos and bloodshed. Accounts become a bit blurry here. The marquise and her family were taken to Castle Chavaise, but later on, her two sons and two daughters who had been there were found killed in the courtyard. Monique Mereliot and her husband Armand were nowhere to be found.

Apparently, these dire news brought the court session to an end. And while some of those present were ready to offer their help. the Duchesse voiced indeed the wish to have the matter investigated - and her sister and brother-in-law found!

Investigations and Dreams

posted May 24 2018

Late last night a messenger arrived from Béziers. He brought with him word that confirmation as to the identity of the bodies found slaughtered in Castle Chavaise's courtyard had been given by Lord Marco de Mereliot, and that they are indeed the nieces and nephews of the Sovereign Duchesse d'Eisande.

The whereabouts of her sister, the Marquise de Chavaise, and her husband is still unknown, and whilst investigations continue apace in Béziers to track down and bring the murderer or murderers to justice, staff at the Ducal Palace tell of their remaining daughter being kept under a close and constant guard.

Gossip is rife as to whether this is an attempt by someone holding a grudge against the Marquise and her husband to assassinate the whole of the family line, or whether something more supernatural is somehow at play. Others speak of being visited by dreams and visions, disturbing insights as to what might have happened, or may yet come to pass.

Mereliot in Mourning

posted May 24 2018

Two handmaidens are talking quietly in the corridors of the Family Wing at the Ducal Palace.

Celeste rubs a hand over her face, a shake of her head given. "I worry for her. She's scarcely eaten a thing since Her Grace had her brought here. Was all I could do to coax her into a few spoonfuls of soup."

Her companion nods, a pat given Celeste's shoulder. "Blessed Elua keep her. I'm sure she'll come through it. She's got spirit, that one."

"I know, Monique. But even so. All her siblings. All of them." Another shake of her head. "Poor mite. She's asked me to find her a dressmaker since mourning clothes are now needed. She'll be a long time in those."

"A long time, poor mite.

"Poor mite."

Sighs are heavy as further shakes of heads are given, and their conversation tails off as they move further along the corridor.

OOC: Any dress designers/seamstresses on grid? Desarae needs a whole wardrobe of mourning clothes!

The Delegation Returns

posted May 27 2018

The delegation sent to Béziers has apparently returned to Marsilikos, confirming the deaths of Armandine Mereliot's four nieces and nephews - and they brought more news, both bad and good. The Marquis Armand Morhban de Mereliot could be saved, and apparently an evil woman of Bhodistan was apprehended as well, going by the name of Naimah. The similarity in name to the Bright Lady seems to be an ill-fated mockery. Especially since Naimah is to be blamed now, not only for plotting the deaths of the four, but also for taking the life of Marquise Monique Mereliot. Currently kept in the dungeons, there has been no word on her since their arrival a few days ago.

There are many accounts of the heroic storming of her lair, when those investigating the matter managed to track Naimah and her two relatives, Samir and Farukh down. Near the ruin of Fougère, there was a skirmish, involving not only the two fearsome Bhodistani warriors but also a number of guards Naimah held under her spell. In the end, the d'Angelines were victorious, due to the combined efforts of the Houses l'Envers, Morhban, Trevalion, Valais and Eresse.

The bodies of the dead members of the Mereliot family were brought along, and received a funeral in a more private context of family alone; a funeral held by the Duchesse of Eisande herself shortly after the return, with - as rumor has it - a very pale looking Desarae Mereliot in attendance, who now appears to be the only surviving member of that branch, along with her father. Armand has withdrawn for a few days, and some claim to have spotted him entering the Tempel of Kushiel. He has not been seen ever since.

It may be from all the grief she has been put to, but there is gossip of Desarae not having left her room ever since the day of the funeral.

Rose Sauvage Masque Challenges

posted May 29 2018

Word filters out from the Marsilikos Salons that the Night Blooming Flowers reside at. Rose Sauvage's Marielle and Severine have decided to team up to host an event together. A masque on the Night of Love. It is said there will be a Showing, which has not been done in the Salon in a while. Though, not just anyone gets to attend it. Tokens for it are needed to be earned. It is said challenges need to be done to attend the Showing before the night of the Masque. There is no set type of challenge.

OOC: If you would like to challenge someone to be at the Showing during the Masque contact Severine or Marielle. What the challenge is can be discussed.

— Reply by Severine at Wed Jun 13 06:19:49 2018 —
Some tokens for the Showing have already been earned. Last chance takers can try their luck at games during the Masque, but then will have to brave challenges of both Marielle -and- Séverine to earn a token.

Pungent Present

posted May 29 2018

A visit by the Vicomte de Tonerre to Desarae de Mereliot has left staff at the Ducal Palace all of a twitter. His gift to her of a severed head has been carefully placed upon a dresser where she can clearly see it from her sick bed. Several days old, her chambers aren't now the most fragrant, and she's refusing to allow its removal until the witch in the dungeons has been brought to justice.

June 1310

Trip to Caerdicci Unitas

posted Jun 03 2018

Down on the docks there is rumor of a crew being hired, no not a crew, a company, wait, is it a company or is it a troupe? Who knows! What is known is that there is one of them noble types looking for people who are good with tracking down others, and good at fighting, and good at talking, and… Yeah this Noble wants it all! Apparently there were some bandits or something that attacked an ambassador or something? Who knows. If you've got the skills and are interested though, sounds like there is adventure to be had!

(OOC: Gauge is looking for people to go on a plot to Caerdicci Unitas, this will remove you from the grid for about two weeks as this will be quite a thing! Looking for people who know the language, social based characters, investigation based characters, and fighty types. Get in contact with Gauge via mail or (preferably) IC RP!)

Curse Cured?

posted Jun 04 2018

It would appear that the efforts of Lord Alexandre de Morhban in his hunt for a cure for the curse which afflicts his cousin, have paid off. Those in attendance at the time of the cure speak of oddly flickering candles and the feeling of an eerie presence within the room as the Vicomte concluded the ritual. Whether there was ever a curse, or even a cure, or whether it was simply an unfortunate coincidence that struck the young Mereliot down might never be known. What /is/ known however, is that the Vicomte was seen leaving her rooms, spent and exhausted, and colour has now returned to the young woman's cheeks.

The city's attention now turns to the Bhodistani Witch, and what her own fate will be.

Thus Endeth the Witch

posted Jun 18 2018

On the late morning of the 17th of June, the so-called Witch of Béziers was brought to audience and trial before a stern looking Duchesse de Mereliot. The Bhodistani woman was found guilty of all crimes she had been accused of, such as murdering part of the Mereliot branch of Chavaise, of poisoning and of using evil magicks to achieve her goal. She remained silent and refused to give testimony, and even if she had, the outcome would have been the same. Naimah of Bhodistan was found guilty and sentenced to death. It is said that Armand Morhban de Mereliot was among those watching, but the Duchesse refrained from requesting any sort of testimony of him, focusing on the list of other witnesses, such as various common folk from the city of Béziers, and some nobles that had helped to capture the evil woman.

The only surviving child, Desarae Mereliot, was seen sitting through all of the trial, pale and yet composed. It was only towards the end that she spoke up, asking her aunt, the Duchesse for the honor of carrying out the sentence by her own hand. This caused quite the uproar, and yet, Armandine granted the request. And so it happened, that a very young maiden, on the day after her 16th natality swung the executioner's sword under the instruction and help of the head executioner, in a public execution carried out upon the grand plaza in the City of Marsilikos.

They say, it took more than one strike to take the head off.

And that it was anything but a clean business.

A Bloody Duel or a Murder?

posted Jun 21 2018

Two ladies are talking over tea and dishing on the usual gossip at least until one brings up something new. "After those murders in Beziers I heard that there was a murder here in Marsilikos just last night!" Her friend blinks and gasps softly, covering her heart, "Murders? Where did this happen?" She asks.

"Out at la Court de Nuit!" The first exclaims in a hushed tone of voice, the scandal of it all!
The second smiles, "Oh that wasn't a murder." She says knowingly.
"What do you mean it wasn't a murder? I heard there was so much blood that it could only /be/ a murder and that a Noble had killed another!" The first says self-righteously.
The second smiles even wider then, "Oh no it wasn't a Murder, worse, it was a /duel/. With knives. So barbaric!"
"A duel?" The first takes a sip of her tea, "Here, In Marsilikos? Between who?"

The second Lady relishes the suspense she has her companion in, taking the time to finish her tea, and then pour herself another cup. "That big Morhban Vicomte? The one who saved that girl who had been cursed? The Heir to the Marquisate Chevaise? Lord Alexandre d'Morhban?" She continues when the first Lady nods, "He was challenged by Lord Jean Shahrizai d'l'Envers to a duel with knives at la Rose Sauvage!"

"No!" Exclaims the first lady, "Trust those Kusheline's to duel in the streets!" She fans at herself in the heat, "Who won?" She asks curiously.

The second Lady smiles and leans in to whisper, "Lord Morhban won, and the best part… it was over a girl, a novice. Seems that Morhban has a taste for Novices!"

"Oh stop!" Exclaims the second lady and then they go back to tea and other gossip.

Fountain Frolics

posted Jun 30 2018

At the height of the heat of the day, the Grand Plaza played host to a most unusual spectacle. Crowds gathered about the magnificent fountain in the centre of the square as Mme. Cochonnet Cocotte nó Orchis hitched her skirts to her waist and waded bare-breasted and bottomed to frolic within its waters. Whilst there were those who gawped openly at such a lewd display, there were others that positively dragged those in their company away.

Whether wise or unwise, it was nevertheless perhaps a clever move by the Second of Orchis, since following it there's been an upsurge of interest in the Glycine Salon.

July 1310

Blood in the Streets

posted Jul 01 2018

In the early evening it seems that the Baron de Beaucare, Gauge d'Eresse, was escorting the Menekhetan ambassador Aziza Nimr from the Eresse townhouse. However when one looks at the streets that are dripping with blood, there was a skirmish. It was overheard that apparently they were after the Menekhet woman but the Baron intervened to keep her safe! The strange part? These attackers were obviously Caerdicci but spoke d'Angeline as well. Not only that, another unknown man appeared out of nowhere as well but assisted the Baron in keeping Aziza safe. However there were so much blood….no one knows what occurred after since it seems those that witness the start of the skirmish took for safety.

Tide and Time

posted Jul 02 2018

There was much activity at the docks today, when a ship flying the Mereliot colours was boarded by the the young heiress to the Marquisate of Chavaise and her retinue. They sailed west with the morning tide, heading in the direction of Béziers. Word has it that she's returning home to spend some time with her father — to grieve and to mourn the loss of her family.

She's expected to return to Marsilikos before the commencement of Fall.

Two Thousand Ducats!

posted Jul 06 2018

"Two thousand ducats?"

"Two. THOUSAND. Ducats. Can you believe it? Just to walk in the door. The Piglet of Glycine strikes again! Why is everything she organizes so expensive?"

"I guess she just wants to keep out the riff-raff and the lookie-loos. You've got to really want to go. Plus, have you heard how much she's been laying out to the glassblowers near the docks? She practically lives there anymore, making sure every item she's ordering is up to her standards. And she's been trying to keep it quiet, but I heard an adept of Glycine talking about prizes and contests. A person might come out ahead, even with two thousnd ducats down."

"That's no secret, there's going to be a costume contest, the Piglet's going to pick her favorite two outfits from among the attendants. No doubt right before she strips them out of all that finery."

"No— besides that. OTHER contests. He wouldn't spill on any details, but I swear that adept's ears were red just talking about it."

"Merciful Angels, what is that woman planning?"

Flowers in her Hair

posted Jul 09 2018

On a balmy July evening, two acolytes of the Eluan Priesthood sit beneath one of the trees in the temple grounds. A lanky lad, the older of the two nudges the other with his elbow, a grin on his face when he speaks.

"I never seen the Songbird look so radiant as she did today. Shame you weren't here to see her. Lovely she looked, just lovely."

"I still can't believe they just up and did it. No fuss and no guests. Just the two of them." His companion grumbles. "Wish I'd known so I could have been here to see it. I bet her wedding gown was the most fabulous thing ever. Have you seen the ones she wears when singing?"

"Actually, no. It wasn't." A shake of the lanky one's head. He picks at the cuff of his robes, a dreamy smile on his face as he speaks. "She wore simple apricot silks and had ribbons in her hair. I made her a circlet of flowers.

The younger one sighs. "Flowers in her hair. I can't wait to tell Félicité when I see her tomorrow…"

Word filters out that in a quiet and unexpected ceremony, the Songbird of Marsilikos, Clémentine nó Trevalion has now become Clémentine nó Trevalion de Delaunay, taking the name after marrying the black sheep of the Delaunay family, Pierre.

Conversation in the Market

posted Jul 23 2018

"Have you heard about a stir in the Jardins d'Eisheth this morning?" A petite maiden asks her older companion.

The woman shakes her head taking a heavy basket to her other hand, "No, what happened? Have those children lost their puppy again?"

"No no," laughs the other one fixing up her hair. "A couple of nobles, a novice and a Tsingano were involved. It seems that Tsingano was trying to get an attention of this young novice… What's her name… Annis no Rose Sauv-, wait! I am wrong, it was someone from Coquelicot."

"So, what? Those Tsingani has spread across our market like flies. Obviously, he wanted to sell something or steal from a poor woman," cuts the dark haired woman and stops to set the basket on the ground. She takes a moment to rest.

"Yeah, that wouldn't be so interesting if not the lord of House Charlot. He was quick to defend the young novice. He was obviously jealous. I was told he fell for her, you know. One could see it in his eyes and rage!"

"Nonesense! It all sounds like one more story from your imagination!"

"Seriously? I am not lying! I heard about it from a very trustworthy source…" The younger one pouts and strides off.

Noblesse Oblige

posted Jul 23 2018

The last few days in the Market Promenade have been steadily filled with the unmistakable sounds of carpentry and stonework, the scents of paint and varnish, and the presence of a harried-looking architect running around, busily revamping the exterior and interior of Courtly Couture - a staple in the commercial heart of Marsilikos for many years. While the word varies, rumors are consistent in the fact that the storefront has been recently acquired by House Valais' prodigal daughter, Isabelle de Valais, who has returned from her travels abroad and proceeded quickly in securing the city permits necessary for its very thorough renovation.

That isn't to say that the former owner is nowhere to be found - word also has it that, along with a hefty compensation, the sale of her business has also secured her and her apprentice positions as its every day managers.

Woods and Wolves

Jul 28 2018

The last few days have somehow spun a set of confusing rumors that seem to have grown from the rural outskirts of Marsilikos regarding a wolf attack.

Some say it is an unnaturally large wolf that had made two village children its prey, and ultimately saved from certain death by the actions of Augustin de Trevalion and Lady Isabelle de Valais, who both happened to be there. Others say the wolf actually ate the children, and would have done the same to the lady were it not for the knight's intervention, and some also say it was the lady who saved him, given her well-known enthusiasm for the hunt. There is even other word that it wasn't just one unnaturally large wolf, but a pack of unnaturally large wolves, and the two had barely managed to escape with their lives, innocents in tow.

Whatever the truth of it is, both noble personages returned to the city separately, on horseback, with only a matching set of injuries to corroborate the stories.

Are you Aragonian?

posted Jul 30 2018

Word is on the street that the Piglet of Glycine is looking for an evening of cultural consultation with individuals of Aragonian heritage. Fine dining and wine will be on offer as well as an evening in the Glycine baths for any Aragonian willing to share some of their cultural traditions.

(OOC: Contact Cochonnet with any interest!)

Completed Renovations

posted Jul 31 2018

After days of non-stop carpentry and masonry work, Courtly Couture's renovations have been mostly completed, transformed from a tailor's humble storefront to a gleaming, two-story white temple devoted to high fashion for men and women alike. The following days are sure to promise the arrival of shipments of fine silk, chiffon, damask, Menekhetan cotton and more to the business, ushered in and painstakingly organized and catalogued by team of professionals donned in black-and-white uniforms.

Word continues to circulate that the current acquirer and investor, Isabelle de Valais, is hard at work in expanding her business interests in her homeland, having been spotted and overheard making financial and networking arrangements with the heirs of the Comte d'Amiens and Comte d'Avignon, and most recently availing herself as a cultural advisor to Cochonnet no Orchis of Salon La Glycine as she busies herself in planning another grand fete.

(OOC: New desc and layout in the Courtly Couture object, come check it out! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to page or @mail me!)

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