House Rousse
Patriarch Oreste Lucien Rousse, Duc de Roussillion
Heir Athanasius Oreste Rousse
Seat Nice
Province Eisande
Motto "Rising With the Tide"
Colors Blue, green and silver
Exports Ochre, wine, olives, perfumes and fresh flowers, naval expertise
Traits Seafaring, Warcraft


Ranked second in power and prominence amongst the noble families of Eisande, House Rousse is known for producing fearless sea-captains and sailors, adventurers, warriors, and poets.

As some of Terre d’Ange’s most prominent representatives to the wider world they seem in every generation to contract several (quite strategic) foreign marriages, as well as bringing home consorts encountered during their travels. Perhaps it’s that exotic strain, mixed with the blood of the angel Eisheth herself, which lends them their hardiness as well as their glamour.

Though their rule extends across a vast swathe of the Eisandine mainland and the whole isle of Corsica, their true wealth comes from a trade fleet which traverses the middle sea and the oceans beyond. They export d’Angeline luxury goods; they bring back silks and spices, alum and myrrh, jewels and glass, and rare wines and foodstuffs and tea leaves and sweet treats to delight the sophisticated palates of Marsilikos and the royal court in Elua.

Rousse seamen led by Rousse officers form the backbone of the Royal Navy of Terre d’Ange, which is traditionally commanded by the duc de Roussillion as Royal Admiral. And Rousse merchants and intelligencers may be encountered at work or at play in any foreign port — serving the d’Angeline interest, of course, but also the family’s own.


Vassal Houses


  • Duché of Roussillion — Oreste Lucien Rousse
    • Comté de Cannes — Christophe Loïc Rousse
      • Vicomté de Draguignan — Drake Laurentin Rousse
        • Baronnie de La Motte
        • Baronnie de Chateaudouble
      • Vicomté de Grasse — Chimène Rousse de la Courcel, regent for Esperère Oreste Rousse
        • Baronnie de Chateauneuf
        • Baronnie de Tanneron
    • Comté de Corsica — Alyonne Diana Rousse
      • Vicomté de Bastia
        • Baronnie d'Alderia — Henri Rousse
        • Baronnie de Cargèse — Esmée Rousse
      • Vicomté de Sartène
        • Baronnie de Bonifacio — Marlon Rousse
        • Baronnie de Filitosa — Zéphyrine Rousse

Family Tree

Note: (m.) Married, (c.) Consort, (l.) Lover, (d.) Deceased, (a.) Abdicated

  • Tiberion Maius Rousse (d. 1294), Duc de Roussillion
    • (m. 1253) Naiadine Guillard de Rousse (d.)
      • (b. 1254) Oreste Lucien Rousse, Duc de Roussillion
        • (m. 1278) Silvia Esperanza Aragon (b. 1260)
          • (b. 1280) Athanasius Oreste Rousse, heir to the duchy de Roussillion
            • (m. 1300) Chimène Alais de la Courcel (b. 1282), Vicomtesse Regent de Grasse
              • (b. 1301) Leocadia Alais Rousse
              • (b. 1303) Esperère Oreste Rousse, heir to the vicomté de Grasse
              • (b. 1306) Loïc Lucien Rousse
          • (b. 1286) Ianthe Alixandre Rousse
            • (m. 1310) an Aragonian duque
          • (b. 1289) Naiadine Sylvie Rousse
            • (m. 1309) a d'Angeline comte
          • (b. 1290) Aegeus Tiberion Rousse
          • (b. 1294) Maia Simone Rousse
      • Christophe Loïc Rousse, Comte de Cannes
        • (m.) Amelie Fiscarde de Rousse
          • (heirs tbd)
          • (b. 1287) Celeste Rousse
          • (b. 1292) Perpetua Vanille Rousse nó Rose Blanche
        • (c.) Anwen of Alba
          • (b. 1282) Atreïs Sidon Rousse, Capitaine of La Medouse

Corsica Branch

  • Alyonne Diana Rousse, Comtesse de Corsica
    • (m.) Florian Le Blanc nó Jasmine de Rousse
      • (b. 1282) Leonide Arielle Rousse, Baronne de Cargèse (d. 1310)
      • (b. 1284) Esmée Yvonne Rousse, Baronne de Cargèse, heir to the comté de Corsica
      • (b. 1290) Madeleine Rousse nó Glycine
      • (b. 1291) Merielle Rousse nó Coquelicot, twin to Marielle
      • (b. 1291) Marielle Rousse nó Rose Sauvage, twin to Merielle
    • (l.) (an unknown Illyrian lover)
      • (b. 1270) Tybalt Atreides Rousse, Captain of The Wind Harrowed

Draguignan Branch

  • Dargon Rousse (d. 1309), Vicomte de Draguignan
    • (m.) Aveline Charlot de Rousse (d. 1309)
      • (a son), Vicomte de Draguignan (d. 1310)
      • (b. 1287) Jelene Agnelet Rousse (a. 1310), Vicomtesse de Draguignan
    • (l.) Silène de Coucy
      • (b. 1289) Drake Laurentin Rousse, Vicomte de Draguignan
        • (m. 1311) Rajiya Jadeja (b. 1286)

Alderia Branch

  • Henri Rousse, Baron d'Alderia
    • (m.) Iseult Montrève de Rousse
      • (b. 1284) Durran Rousse, heir to the baronnie
      • (a son)
      • (b. 1292) Arielle Rousse
  • Josette Rousse, sister to the Baron d'Alderia
    • (l.) Orin Anasazi, an ambassador from Carthage
  • Gosselne Rousse, sister to the Baron d'Alderia

Bonifacio Branch

  • Lorenzu Rousse (d.), Baron de Bonifacio
    • (m.) Orsula Negroni de Rousse
      • (b. 1280) Marlon Rousse, Baron de Bonifacio
      • (b. 1285) Marin Rousse, heir to the baronnie
      • (b. 1288) Aimée nó Coquelicot de Rousse
      • (other siblings)

Filitosa Branch

  • Marcel Didier Rousse (a. 1311), baron de Filitosa
    • (m.) Bérenice d'Essoms
      • (b. 1286) Léandre Rousse, heir to the baronnie (d. 1306)
      • (b. 1291) Zéphyrine Agnès Eliana Rousse, Baronne de Filitosa
      • (b. 1293) Oreste Rousse nó (Mont Nuit house tbd)

Current Members

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