Salon de la Rose Blanche
Motto With Innocent Eyes.
Head Courtesan Virginie nó Rose Blanche
Marque A white rose
Salon Traits Alyssum
Surname nó Rose Blanche


For many years, White Roses were one branch of La Rose Sauvage, a local salon catering to the more intense tastes by offering courtesans of Valerian, Mandrake and Alyssum canon. The White Roses have always been kept separate from the other courtesans, in that their chambers - public and private - were apart from the other rooms and located on the upper floor.

To separate the White Roses in a more radical way has been an undertaking considered for over a year by the leaders of the salon. The 'innocence' of the White Roses was not to be tainted, and there were a number of 'misunderstandings', both in interactions among the courtesans of the various canons but also in the manner, patrons might easily get confused at what actually may or may not be permitted in assignations.

And so it was decided in June 1312 to have the White Roses move into a villa on the adjoining grounds. While the salons of Rose Sauvage and Rose Blanche now are situated in two separate buildings, the gardens have a connecting gate which is usually kept closed, and the hedges grow high so that no one may steal a peek at what is going on on the other side. No patrons will be permitted through the garden gate, but it is frequently used by the Dowaynes and Seconds of these two salons.


There is only one canon represented at La Rose Blanche, that of House Alyssum.

Alyssum Trait

According to the view of House Alyssum, Naamah gave herself to King Persis blushing and shivering as she laid aside her modesty. This canon goes outwardly so very contrary to the usual d'Angeline lifestyle, that courtesans of Alyssum are highly coveted. The rare quality of modesty, or its pretense, make the act of an Alyssum being won over all the more memorable; it also gives it the dark allure of breaking a taboo. Each assignation is characteristic in showing a transformation from youthful shy reluctance to endearing instinctive enthusiasm as an Alyssum submits fully to the act. This will sometimes also incorporate the display of shame afterwards, at innocence lost. Acting is part of the game, as well as a state where lines blur between the courtesan's identity, identification with Naamah of Alyssum canon as part of the worship, and the pretense of the act. Pretense to some extent is vital, and hence an Alyssum will become more and more skilled in Subterfuge the more experience there is, hence adding a bonus to this skill. Alyssums will most often be clad in long covering gowns and wear veils, so that only their eyes are visible at first to the potential patron.

Alyssum trait benefit: +2 on Subterfuge, per level of the trait.

People of Note

  • Virginie nó Rose Blanche (NPC) — The Dowayne, who before the establishment of the Rose Blanche under her supervision served twice as Second of White Roses at the Rose Sauvage.

Rose Sauvage Past

  • Olivia Albert nó Rose Sauvage — Former White Rose Second, retired.
  • Marielle nó Rose Sauvage — Former White Rose Second, retired.

Current Members

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