House Rocaille
Patriarch Fernand Adémar Rocaille
Heir Matthieu Christophe Rocaille
Seat Angoulême
Province Siovale
Motto "Victory, Vigilance, Sacrifice"
Colors Black, green and yellow
Exports scientists, glassware, ink, paper


House Rocaille is currently the Sovereign Ducal house of Siovale and throughout the history of the province and the country, the family has always held some of its largest holdings and in turn, a lion's share of the political and economic influence in the area. Its claim to fame is the University of Siovale, the preeminent institution for applied and theoretical sciences in the nation and notorious for its rigorous admission and academic requirements. The family also enjoys close ties with the royal house of Aragonia.


House Rocaille wasn't always Siovale's Sovereign Ducal house. That distinction falls on House Perigeux, who held the seat for much of its history until political machinations orchestrated by the Rocailles and the Toluards caused the family to relinquish the title after evidence was delivered to the Crown detailing gross resource mismanagement, misappropriation of funds provided by the Royal Treasury, and several other charges. These occurrences happened around seventy-odd years ago, which placed most of the province in upheaval at the time. The Crown eventually granted the seat to House Rocaille, with orders to stabilize the region within five years. The Rocailles were successful in that regard, given their considerable influence and its alliance with House Toluard, and as a result, they obtained the seat they wanted for so long and held it ever since. The alliance later dovetailed into various marriage agreements between the houses, including the one that bound its current duc, Fernand Rocaille, into marrying one of the daughters of House Toluard and to stay married to her throughout her lifetime. He married Aveline de Toluard and had a son by her, but after she died due to childbirth complications, he married again, this time to her half-sister Ava, the current duchesse, a notoriously ambitious and ruthless player of political games who presently harbors designs to have her own children inherit the seat from Fernand, eventually.

The tensions between House Rocaille and House Perigeux have not lost their bite, albeit they were mollified, for a time, by Fernand falling genuinely in love with a daughter of the family, taking her for his consort and having a son by her, sparking hopes that a child with Perigeux blood would have a chance at inheriting. She died during her second pregnancy, however, under suspicious circumstances. It was widely whispered that the Duchesse de Siovale orchestrated her death and the removal of her son from the line of succession, and these prevailing suspicions have become the recent lynchpins of the worsening relations between the Perigeuxes and the Toluards. By contrast, House Montreve, House Verreuil and House Albert have good relations with House Rocaille due to lasting friendships among their scions and Fernand's granting of a massive project of overhauling Siovale's ports to the Verreuils in an effort to assist with the revitalization efforts concentrated around the Barronie de Poumarous, which was ravaged by a drought several decades ago and was struggling to recover.

House Albert has always enjoyed an amicable relationship with its new liege lords, but especially so in the last two decades after Fernand asked the current Vicomtesse de Seyches, Lucienne d'Albert, to foster his son and heir.

One of Rocaille’s most important assets is the university, so it isn't surprising that its main exports are its people. Many of the country's most famous scientists were educated and nurtured in Rocaille and they have since gone off to various parts of Terre D'Ange and the known world to spread their knowledge and often come back to share what they have learned. Many of those who return are offered tenured and adjunct professorships in the University of Siovale, putting the duchy in the front lines of the country's intellectual and cultural renaissance. It has also held an institutional rivalry with the University of Tiberium over the decades.

Innovations developed in the University of Siovale often find a place in the province’s daily life, and as a result, new methods discovered in the fields of alchemy and engineering often come from Rocaille. Angouleme, the family's seat, is also known for fine glassware due to the demand for lenses, as well as the production of high quality ink and paper.


  • Sovereign Duché de Rocaille — Fernand Adémar Rocaille
    • Marquisate de Montauban
      • Vicomté de Targon
        • Baronnie de Créon
        • Baronnie de Guyenne — Sylviane de Rocaille
      • Vicomté de Preignac — Dominica de Rocaille
        • Baronnie de Macaire
        • Baronnie de Cerons

Family Tree

Note: (m.) Married, (c.) Consort, (d) Deceased, (a) Abdicated

  • Fernand Adémar Rocaille, Duc de Siovale
    • (m. 1279) Aveline Marie Toluard de Rocaille (b. 1264, d. 1281)
      • (b. 1280) Matthieu Christophe Rocaille, heir to the duchy
    • (m. 1281) Ava Ghislaine Toluard de Rocaille (b. 1264)
      • (two elder sons)
      • Jaques Rocaille de l'Envers, declared missing
        • (m.) Guinevere Yolande l'Envers (b. 1280), Vicomtesse de Bazoches
      • (younger siblings)
    • (c.) Anabelle Perigeux (d)
      • (b. 1287) Elliot de Rocaille

Preignac Branch

  • Bérénice de Rocaille, Vicomtesse de Preignac (d)
    • (m.) Alejandro Aragon de Rocaille

Guyenne Branch

  • Sylviane de Rocaille, Baronne de Guyenne
    • (m.) (her husband)
      • (heir/ess)
      • (younger siblings?)
    • (c.) Aymeric Leclair nó Eglantine
      • (b. 1292) Cyrille de Rocaille
      • (b. 1294) Aline de Rocaille

Named Retainers of House Rocaille (NPCs)

  • Gabriel de Montrève - Cassiline brother, the second son of the Comte de Montrève and the boyhood companion and closest friend of Matthieu Rocaille, who is also his ward
  • Bouchard de Montrève - unlanded lord, a particularly cunning cousin of Gabriel's, recently elevated as Matthieu's chief aide-de-camp and the first of his agents
  • Rene Beauregard - commoner, the ducal line's Master of Horse
  • Raphael Depardieu - commoner, noted as a brilliant legal scholar and a graduate of Siovale's most prestigious universities, the ducal line's Master of Laws
  • Simone Blancmange - commoner, Priestess of Eisheth, in charge of the family's healers in Marsilikos

Current Members


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