Salon de Coquelicot
Motto Feel with the Mind, See with the Heart.
Head Courtesan Philandre Chalasse nó Coquelicot
Marque Poppy Flower
Salon Traits Gentian, Heliotrope, Balm
Surname nó Coquelicot


The Salon de Coquelicot has existed for more than a century in the City of Marsilikos, a fine small place it was at first, founded by Gerard Rousseau nó Gentian. His idea was to channel the gentler canons of Mont Nuit into a new canon of its own, aware as he was that applying more than just one aspect would yield a greater effect of their service. Only a relaxed body can slip into dreams, and only a soothed heart can let go of current hurts for so long as to have patrons leave the salon on the next day, refreshed, renewed and perhaps with a few more answers to problems that are plaguing them.

Even if the three traits blend organically with each other, the head courtesan will usually be of Gentian trait, with two other experienced courtesans of Balm and Heliotrope acting as Seconds, in the way that they offer tutelage to novices and adepts and assist with leading the salon.


Soothing and ailment on so many levels is what this salon offers. Some come with bad dreams and concerns about their future who will contract those of Gentian trait to make use of their ability of Oneiromancy. Some come heartbroken and lonely, seeking the closeness and devotion of a Heliotrope. Others are in need of massages to loosen tense muscles, alleviate discomfort caused by a current situation or an ongoing indisposition, and would seek out those of Balm trait. Lines sometimes blur between the three principles, blending into the unique canon of this salon, and it is not rare to find more than one of these traits united in one single courtesan of the salon.

Heliotrope Trait

Thou and no Other, is the canon of Heliotrope House in the City of Elua, and it defines the devotion of a Heliotrope adept quite well. Heliotropes are quick to fall in love with their patrons, even if this adds pain to the sweetness. Hearts can be broken, and will be, inevitably. There are exceptions of course, when a Heliotrope's affection has managed to mend a heart, and it is returned, sometimes resulting in the Heliotrope in question leaving service to become a noble's consort. The holy ideal of love in its purest form is what defines Heliotrope canon.

The benefit from choosing the Heliotrope trait as a courtesan PC is a bonus of +2 per level to their Empathy +rolls.

Balm Trait

Where Heliotrope mends hearts, Balm offers soothing on a more physical level. They are skilled in massages, in techniques of relaxing a patron, but also knowledgable in various areas of Medicine, like acupressure and acupuncture, and the soothing effect of certain scented oils and candles.

The benefit from choosing the Balm trait is a bonus of +1 to their Medicine rolls, making diagnosis easier when gauging the cause of discomfort that makes a patron seek out their service.

Gentian Trait

Gentians stand out, through the rare gift they possess. The gift of Oneiromancy, that enables them to accompany a patron into his dreams as an observer. The task is to make the patron feel comfortable and at ease at first, in the ways as are provided at Coquelicot, and then, for the courtesan to sleep close to the patron. In the morning, the courtesan can offer an account of the dream to the patron, and an attempt to read certain parts of it.

The Gentian trait gives the courtesan a +2 bonus per level of the trait on Persuasion +rolls per level, to get the patron into a state where they are open for dreams. This affects also the amount of information gathered through such a dream reading.

How is this handled in game?

  • Most insights a Gentian trait courtesan may get from a patron's dream can be handled at player discretion between courtesan and patron in question.
  • Plot-related material in dreams or anything else going beyond a mere personal experience needs to be handled through +requests to staff.
  • Courtesans of Gentian trait must take the gift Oneiromancy in chargen. This is not a thing that can be taken at a later point.

People of Note

  • Gérard Rousseau nó Gentian (NPC) — The salon's founder, deceased.
  • Philandre Chalasse nó Coquelicot (NPC) — The present Dowayne, Gentian by training.
  • Elspeth nó Coquelicot — Balm Second.
  • Soleil L'Envers nó Coquelicot — Former Gentian Second, retired to marry.
  • Hugon nó Coquelicot de Baphinol — Retired courtesan, now Vicomte de Carpentras.
  • Aimée nó Coquelicot de Rousse — Retired courtesan, now a healer.

Current Members

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