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Age Restrictions

We won't accept players of ages below 18. This is a theme that incorporates mature content. Should we find out that a player has lied about their age to be able to play on our game, we will newpassword their characters and block them from logging in ever again.

Characters should be no younger than 15, and even then restrictions apply if they are younger than 16. As 16 is the age where they gain sexual agency. Fifteen-year-old characters are limited to scenes qualifying as 'public', i.e., where anyone can walk in on without violating the privacy of the scene (see below).


Marsilikos is a consent based game, with the addition of in character actions having in character consequences (often referred to as ICA=ICC). Feel free to ask, if you are unsure which behaviours are acceptable in the setting.


We suggest starting out with one character, to get to know the game mechanics. But a player can have more characters (alts) than just one. There is no limit per se for alts on this game, apart from how many the player can handle. Be warned though, that staff may decide from case to case whether to allow a player to have more than the recommended five. Make sure to stick to the restrictions.

When creating an alt, the following restrictions apply:

  • At no point is the alt to benefit directly from any of your other characters.
  • Alts are not permitted to interact with each other, both in scenes and off-camera.
  • In bigger scenes you can certainly bring more than one alt, if you make sure to follow the rules above.
  • No alts from the same family or salon are allowed. But you are of course allowed to have several noble alts from the same province, or more than one courtesan character.
  • Only one alt per player can hold an exposed position in Terre d'Ange, such as heir to a Marquisate, Provincial Duchy or Sovereign Duchy.
  • Keep IC knowledge of your characters separate. This is strictly required.

Roleplay Etiquette

There are a few guidelines regarding RP. Keep private RP to private rooms. Playing in public places means being open to others joining. Still it can't hurt to ask the involved players before joining a public scene, whether they are okay with it. Even if they will probably agree anyway.

If you have to leave, it is preferable to pose your character out. Such is of course not always possible. At least try to warn the other players OOCly. Logging off without warning is not considered good style.

A very important rule is to separate IC from OOC. Even if a player may have gleaned certain information through other alts or from logs on the wiki, their character will remain oblivious to this, unless the character has learned of this ICly. Disregarding this rule is considered a major offense.

Scenes involving TS

D'Angelines love as they will, and so scenes with explicit erotic content (called TS or tinysex) might happen. Such scenes will be considered private, and thus the rule for private scenes applies: No TS in public. Don't post any explicit content in your logs to the wiki. If the scene contains other postable passages, you can edit potentially offensive parts out before posting.

FTB (fade-to-black)

When playing explicit scenes, keep in mind that all players involved must feel comfortable with RP of this kind, and that it is perfectly acceptable for any player to request a fade to black at any point. This goes also for violence.

In such cases it is totally acceptable to agree what happened off camera, especially if this serves a story or a plot.

OOC Behaviour

Writing scenes is a collaborative effort and a hobby that should be a fun pastime. This requires a friendly and respectful way of communication, especially when things threaten to go awry between players.

When problems arise, players should attempt to solve the matter OOCly among themselves, at first. If this fails, they should contact staff and request staff assistance. Staff will then attempt to mediate between the involved parties. Staff may ask players to provide logs to prove their points, when applicable.

Keeping that in mind, there are a few rules regarding OOC behaviour, that we would like to emphasize:

  • When there is a problem, don't discuss it on channel, but take the matter to pages.
  • Don't harass other players.
  • Accept that staff will be the ultimate authority. They can and will ban repeat offenders off the game.


While we plan to have staff run plots to add some spice to the overall story, we do encourage players to come up with and run their own plots. To ensure we know what is going on, and to help fit the PrP into the general story line, we ask interested parties to submit a request with a brief outline of the plot, and what assistance they may need from staff.

Log Posting

We generally encourage the posting of logs, as they help monitoring RP activity on our game and can offer inspiration for potential future plots. Events on the game will be logged and posted, so that players that may have missed them will know what has been going on.

Personal logs can be posted, as long as they don't contain explicit content. Logs of mildly erotic theme and/or violence should have a warning in the log summary at the top. Expect potentially offensive logs to be taken down by staff, and keep in mind that in some cases it may be wise to delay posting of a log a little, if it contains sensitive IC information.

Idling Out

If an approved character bit has failed to log on for a month, the character will be considered inactive and marked as such on the wiki. An idle purge (and freeing of claimed actors) will not take place till after three months of not logging on.

Unapproved character bits will be idle purged after a month of not logging on. This will go along with freeing actors that have been claimed by these.

In case players expect to be absent for a longer period of time but intend to return, they should notify staff through a +request.

Character Death

No character will die on this game, unless this is the expressed wish of their player. There is a Combat system, yes. But even when someone goes down on the battlefield it will always be assumed, that there are handy healers about, to fix the character up afterwards. With that said, it can sometimes give a dramatic turn to events, to have a character die. If this is your choice, work out the details with staff.

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