This is a page to develop, list, and track various plots and events that are happening in the game. These can be staff or player run storylines. If you'd like to get involved in one of the active plots, you can contact the person in charge of the plot to work something out.

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Active Plots

Shortest Day Disappearances

Overview: A few disappearances the day after the Longest Night in Marsilikos.
Dates: End of December - January
Runner/GM/Contact: Gwenaelle

Longest Night in Elua

Overview: Things will be happening in Elua, at the famous fetes that are held throughout the Capital during Longest Night.
Dates: Mid-December till Mid-January
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth

Kusheline Snakepit

Overview: Political intrigues in Kusheth are threatening to affect Eisande.
Dates: April — ??
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth

Finished Plots


Overview: There is something rotten about Tonnerre — so the Vicomte and his courtesan realize upon their trip there.
Dates: November 1310
Runner/GM/Contact: Jean/Aurelie

And Then There Was One

Overview: A small, short sequel to Bloodshed at Beziers, with some far-reaching consequences.
Dates: Late September - Early November 2018
Runner/GM/Contact: Nicolas, Eisheth

Marsilikos Tournament

Overview: It is time for the late summer tournament to be held at the Tourney Grounds outside of the city!
Dates: September 2nd - 16th, 2018
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth, Camael and Azza

Caerdicci Comes For Menekhet

Overview: It seems someone in Caerdicci has it out for the Ambassador of Menekhet
Dates: Starts May and ends upon completion (ideally no later than September as things speed up)
Runner/GM/Contact: Aziza

A Study of Chess Pieces

Overview: Political discord in the City State of Milazza casts its shadows far into d'Angeline territory.
Dates: Starting June 25th
Runner/GM/Contact: Jean

Bloodshed at Béziers

Overview: Mass slaughter at the Festival of Lights in Béziers involving the Marquise and Marquis de Chavaise and their family.
Dates: May 19th - June 17th 1310 (RL 2018)
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth
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