This is a page to develop, list, and track various current plots and events that are happening in the game. These can be staff or player run storylines. If you'd like to get involved in one of these active plots, you can contact the person in charge of the plot to work something out. Finished plots can be viewed here.

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Active Plots

Cutthroats, Crooks and Conmen

Overview: There is an upsurgence in black market activity affecting trade along the southern coast.
Dates: February through March/April 2019
Runner/GM/Contact: Helene

Days of the Companions

Overview: Festival to honour the Companions, with one day dedicated to each.
Dates: April 24th - May 11th 2019
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth

Shortest Day Disappearances

Overview: A few disappearances the day after the Longest Night in Marsilikos. It continues with trying to discover juts who was behind the kidnappings
Dates: End of December - March
Runner/GM/Contact: Gwenaelle

Kusheline Snakepit

Overview: Political intrigues in Kusheth are threatening to affect Eisande.
Dates: April — ??
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth
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