The Great Exhibition
Overview: Ambassadors and emissaries from all over the world will be coming to Marsilikos to present foods, artisan work and goods of their home country.
Dates: September/October
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth


In order to further trade and understanding of foreign cultures, the Duchesse of Eisande has invited delegations from outside of Terre d'Ange to visit Marsilikos for two weeks of the Great Exhibition. The idea is to have this as backdrop for ongoing RP as well as offer the opportunity to hold events. Days can be dedicated to a particular country, with a fair and a presentation and the occasional feast in the evening in the particular foreign style of the country hosting it.

Played ambassadors: This is your chance to host an event dedicated to your country. Also, this might serve as an opportunity to consider creating a foreign or even ambassador alt for other players. Each event hosted by such a foreigner alt will be awarded with 2 XP for an alt of your choice.

Exhibitors by Country

Country Character Planned Event Date/Time
Terre d'Ange Armandine Opening Feast Sep 13, 4pm EST
Alba Aedhwyn
Caerdicca Unitas Giovanni
Carthage Shaffan
Chi'in Xiao-Ling
Eire Ciarrah?
Ephesium Safiye Dance Performance +Coffee Tasting
Flatlands André Canal Jumping Contest Sep 19th, 1pm EST
Gotland Eisheth Axe Throwing Sep 22nd, 2pm EST
Illyria Alphesiboe Illyrian Exhibition Sep 14th 2pm EST
Khebbel-im-Akkad Mirzeta Horse Race Sep 15th, 2pm EST
Menekhet Nakht


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