Murder at the Kraken
Overview: Investigations around the murder of a man at the Kraken's Den
Dates: February/March 2020
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth


A man was killed in one of the upstairs rooms of the Kraken's Den. His supposed killer, a woman in a cloak, almost managed to get away but was attacked and killed (?), leaving even more questions in its wake. Throw in mysterious visions of an Alban diplomat, and you have a case to investigate!


Some people are already involved, so feel free to approach them if you want to get into this plot. Alternatively, you can contact Eisheth.

  • Tancred: A local bodyguard of Skaldi origin, got heavily wounded in the attempt to stop the assassin.
  • Andrei: A Chowatti merchant (?), recently arrived to Marsilikos, who happened to be at the Kraken at the time.
  • Gal: Member of the City Watch
  • Jeanne: A local seamstress, who witnessed a strange prophecy of sorts. She was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the crime.
  • Aedhwyn: Alban ambassador with the gift of True Dreams. She was the one having sudden strange visions that possibly pertain to the case at hand.


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