Longest Night in Elua
Overview: Things will be happening in Elua, at the famous fetes that are held throughout the Capital during Longest Night.
Dates: Mid-December till Mid-January
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth


The Longest Night is the major holiday of Terre d'Ange. It is celebrated on the winter solstice each year. This tradition predates the arrival of Elua and his Companions, but Elua liked it so much that he adopted the holiday. More information about the Longest Night can be fournd here.

Midwinter Ball

This is the grand masquerade ball at the Royal Palace in the City of Elua. Open to noble characters, with or without title.

Longest Night Fête

This is the famous masque held in the ballroom of House Cereus on Mont Nuit, which is exclusive to members of the Night Court of Elua — and a few nobles that have managed to gain a token that will grant them entry. Each House of Mont Nuit chooses a particular theme for the costumes of their members each year.


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