Camlach: Besançon Tournament
Overview: People from all over Terre d'Ange have travelled to the Camaeline Capital to attend the most prestigious tournament, where martial skills are put to the test.
Dates: Second half of October 2020
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth


The time has come for a most prestigious tournament to once again take place at Besançon, the capital of Camlach. The Duc Horatio d'Aiglemort has sent out invitations to renowned swordsmen and war heroes to compete before an audience that will also include royal visitors from the City of Elua.

Especially the duel contest and the melee are expected to provide displays of high prowess and swordsmanship.

To be declared winner of this tournament is considered a great honor, as one can expect fierce competition.

Timeline of Events

When What Where
First half of October People arriving, settling in, social rp. Besançon grid
Thu Oct 15 2020 @ 8am EST Opening Parade tbd.
Thu Oct 17 2020 @ 12am EST Duel Contest Besançon - Tournament Field
Thu Oct 24 2020 @ 1pm EST La Grande Melée Besançon - Tournament Field
Thu Oct 24 2020 @ 3pm EST Awarding Prizes/Closing Feast Besançon - Ducal Palace

Between the duels and the melee, there are a lot of time slots available for further contests. If you have any suggestions and/or of you perhaps like to run such a contest, contact staff. (Running events will awarded with xp)

Also, there will be areas where people can mingle and have social rp for the duration of the tournament.

Who can take part?

This string of events is open for nobles; also for courtesans, but only if they can think of a good reason to be there (as it will require leaving Marsilikos, most probably on assignation with a noble). Commoners: If they can think of a reason to travel to Besançon.

The contests themselves are open to fighty types (regardless of nationality and social background).

Travel Times

The time needed to travel from Marsilikos to Besancon are:

  • on horseback: 7-8 days
  • by carriage: 10-11 days

Please keep that in mind, when you plan to be there in time, on October 17th.

The time needed for travel IC gives you time to rp your arrival, and the first days of your stay. We trust in your ability to manage your timelines accordingly.

Temporary Alts

Of course, you have once again the option of creating a temporary alt for this particular plot. They are meant to add some more meat to the setting, be it as part of the audience or even by competing in the contests of the tournament. Depending on how rp with these turns out, they can be turned into full alts after the plot has been completed.

(Camaeline) Nobility

Lords and Ladies, possibly with some martial prowess to compete in the contests of the tournament. Please note that alt limitations apply here: Each player can only have one alt compete in a contest.

Local Houses include Aiglemort, Valliers, Ferraut, Montchapetre, Basilisque and Eltoine. You are free to pick anything from unlanded to baron/baronne or even vicomte/vicomtesse, as long as the holding is not taken on the respective family wiki page.

Local Courtesans

Besançon has a few local salons. You will find a general preference for the canons of Gentian, Dahlia, Balm and Heliotrope in these parts, but if you have a particular idea for a local courtesan of another canon, go for it! Please note that the salons in Besançon are generally of the smaller sort with only a few courtesans per salon, but this gives more variety to play with.

Local Commoners

A large variety of concepts are possible, from the handmaiden to shop keeper or even bodyguard or guardsman.

Character Generation

Each temp alt will have to go through chargen. If actively played during the events, the temp alt will gain the player a bonus of two XP, to spend on an alt of their choice. Please don't be too wordy with the backgrounds. 2-3 paragraphs should suffice.


For the character icon, please use this template with Pixlr Editor, this template for GIMP 2.0 or ask Eisheth to create an icon for you.

Temp Alts for this Plot

jovet_icon.jpg sylvaine_icon.jpg


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