Caerdicci Comes For Menekhet
Overview: It seems someone in Caerdicci has it out for the Ambassador of Menekhet
Dates: Starts May and ends upon completion (ideally no later than September as things speed up)
Runner/GM/Contact: Aziza


WHAT: Ever since Aziza's arrival to Marsilikos, there has been a mystery of exactly who attacked her and why. It has been quiet for a bit but it seems activity might be picking back up for those who seem to be in pursuit of the Ambassador and they are blatantly from Caerdicci. Why are they after her? And at what cost?

WHO: Anyone who wants to partake feel free to mail or page Aziza. Depending upon the scenes depends on how many will be in them. But feel free to be a part of them to reach the climax of the plot in order to get the answer.

WHEN: Ongoing from May until it completes.


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