Bloodshed at Béziers
Overview: Mass slaughter at the Festival of Lights in Béziers involving the Marquise and Marquis de Chavaise and their family.
Dates: May 19th - June 17th 1310 (RL 2018)
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth


Horrendous tidings arrived with a messenger to May's Ducal Court. The Festival of Lights at Béziers, held traditionally by the Duchesse's sister, Monique Ariane Mereliot, Marquise de Chavaise, found an unexpected conclusion, when the gathering at the harbor shifted into chaos and bloodshed. Accounts become a bit blurry here. The Marquise and her family were taken to Castle Chavaise, but later on, her two sons and two daughters who had been there were found killed in the courtyard. Monique Mereliot and her husband Armand are nowhere to be found.


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