A Study of Chess Pieces
Overview: Political discord in the City State of Milazza casts its shadows far into d'Angeline territory.
Dates: Starting June 25th
Runner/GM/Contact: Jean


WHAT: When the recently-invested Milazzan Duke exiles his ambitious younger brother and his partisans, a diplomatic situation threatens to unravel the geographic and political unity of all Eisande as the younger brother, Giovanni, works hard to recruit d'Angeline mercenaries and bannermen to his cause in exchange for generous financial compensation. This is no game of diplomacy; this is a game of intrigue and of bloodshed, as the time for words is long past.

WHO: 4-5 players. It should be noted that the plot itself will be high-risk and you may expect permanent injury and imprisonment to your character if things go awry. But the reward is also great. Combat knockdowns and possible deaths can be avoided through the use of +luck, however; keep that in mind.

WHEN: Mid to late June, dates TBD.


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