House Perigeux
Patriarch Étienne de Perigeux
Heir Symon de Perigeux
Seat Château l'Évêque
Province Siovale
Motto "Unity in Strength"
Colors Gold and red
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A house fallen from grace and yet striving to regain former glory.


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  • Marquisate de Perigeux — Étienne de Perigeux
    • Vicomté de Douville
      • Baronnie de Moussidan — Estelle Perigeux
      • Baronnie de Challagnac
    • Vicomté de Bergerac
      • Baronnie de Plaisance
      • Baronnie de Margueron

Family Tree

  • Théodule Medard de Perigeux, (b. 1239, d. 1292), Marquis de Perigeux
    • (m. 1258) (his lady wife, a comparatively humble match) (d.)
      • (b. 1261) Étienne de Perigeux, Marquis de Perigeux
        • (m. 1281) Marcelle de Montchapetre (b. 1263)
          • (b. 1285) Symon de Perigeux, heir to the marquisate
          • (b. 1287) Victor de Perigeux (d. 1308)
      • (b. 1263) Huguet Erneste de Perigeux
        • (m. 1290) Armandine Clémence de Mereliot (b. 1266), Duchesse d'Eisande
      • (b. 1264) Augustin de Perigeux
        • (m. 1282) Lilian d'Albert, Comtesse d'Albert

Bergerac Branch

  • Orifiel Verasque de Perigeux, brother to the late marquis, Vicomte de Bergerac (b. 1247, d. 1310)
    • (m. 1275) (his lady wife, tbd)
      • (b. 1278) Aimée de Perigeux, heiress to the vicomté (d. 1307)
      • (b. 1279) (elder son, open), Vicomte de Bergerac
      • (b. 1282) (another son, a Cassiline)
      • (at least one younger sibling)
    • (c. 1279) Délice nó Heliotrope (b. 1257)
      • (b. 1281) Émilie Perigeux nó Lis d'Or
      • (several other courtesans)

Moussidan Branch

  • Jean-Jacques Perigeux (d.), Baron de Moussidan
    • (m.) Natasha Marie Le Blanc de Perigeux
      • Estelle Perigeux, Baronne de Moussidan
        • (m.) Bertrand Albert de Perigeux nó Glycine (NPC)
          • Mélisse Perigeux, heiress to Moussidan
          • Christelle Perigeux
          • Anton Perigeux
        • (c.) Aléanne nó Heliotrope

Note: (m.) Married, (c.) Consort, (d) Deceased, (a) Abdicated

Current Members


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