Nobility Guide

This page mainly deals with d'Angeline nobility, but some parts may be taken into account for foreign nobility as well.

Scions of the Blood

The d'Angeline noble is priviliged in both circumstances and blood, as every line of a noble family shows traces of one of the Companions, which sometimes shows in a certain physical Scion trait, but does not have to. In fact, many have argued the watering down of d'Angeline blood, thus making these obvious Scions much rarer to find. The blood of angels has another effect, that of beauty, unblemished usually and taking much longer to age.

A Scion merit needs to be claimed during character generation, for more information on this, go here.

Landed vs Unlanded

The next decision is whether to claim a title of sorts, and a holding that comes with it, or to go the more flexible road of an unlanded noble. An overview of Houses already on the game can be found here, most often with a list of holdings, a familytree and a list of currently played members. Especially if going for Eisandine nobility, please check out our list of currently available titles.

A landed noble has more political momentum and usually some staff to rely on. They would be versed in the ways of the court, or at least aiming to become such, if recently thrust into their current role.

An unlanded noble is more of a supporting player, aiding a relative of station or pursuing their own goals as an adventurer. They are more flexible, both in picking their skills and in plots.

Recommended Skills

  • Politics — This skill encompasses political knowledge as well as courtly etiquette. At least 3 dots are required even for an unlanded noble, likely a bit more if the character holds a title.
  • Composure — Again, this is a good skill to have for a titled noble, as to keep face even in the unlikelihood of a defeat in the courtly arena. Or just to keep a calm head, even under stressful conditions.
  • Leadership — Landed nobility needs this skill to lead and make their holding prosper.
  • Orate/Persuasion/Intimidation — Background skills that can be useful when speaking in court, especially if trying to push one's agenda.

Nice to have

  • Literature, Dancing, the Arts — Background skills of refinement, if they fit the concept.
  • Knowledge Skills — History, Geography, Economy, Sciences, etc. Don't forget there is a University in Angelôume (Siovale), and also another more famous one in Tiberium.
  • Languages — Depending on concept
  • Martial Skills — Blades, Dodge, etc, if the character is more martially inclined.
  • Seafaring — If there has been some past history of naval service of travel by ship.


Noble characters can assume they have at least one guard at their disposition, the higher in rank, the more. Ladies especially will usually have a guard with them, when going to town (if they are not of the martial type that can take care of themselves).

Cassilines are reserved for higher ranking nobility, from Comte/Comtesse upwards.

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