Night Court of Marsilikos

In order to offer entertainment and diversion to the nobility attending the Ducal court, Marsilikos has grown its own version of the Night Court. Local courtesans have been replaced with a more organized entity of established local salons, founded by Servants of Naamah that have left the City of Elua. The members of this Night Court are highly respected, and their service valued for the religious importance as well as their exquisite training. Being of a less hierachic structure than in the Capital, presidence is handled in a round-robin fashion, granting one leader of a salon at a time the right and duty of attending the sessions of the ducal council. The office of Speaker for the Night Court is granted for a year, and then is passed on to the next.

It is possible for players to open up their own salons, creating their own blend of traits, or perhaps even specializing in one trait alone.

The following salons can be found not too far from La Place des Mains d'Eisheth:

Established Salons

Salon Motto House Traits Current leader
Lis d'Or Shine and Inspire Dahlia, Camellia, Cereus, Eglantine Philomène nó Lis d'Or
Rose Sauvage Be You Hunter Or Prey Mandrake, Valerian, Alyssum Jacques Verreuil nó Rose Sauvage
Coquelicot Feel with the Mind, See with the Heart Gentian, Balm, Heliotrope Philandre Chalasse nó Coquelicot
Glycine Joy and Pleasure Bryony, Jasmine, Orchis Bertrand Perigeux nó Glycine

Newer Salons

Salon Motto House Traits Current leader
Coeur de Lavande Love is powerful but fragile. Cereus, Heliotrope, Jasmine Alucard nó Coeur de Lavande

Earning the Marque

Similar to the upbringing of a courtesan on Mont Nuit, a member of the Marsilikos Night Court must go through the same phases to become a fully marqued courtesan. Even if fosterlings are slightly rarer, and most start their training at the age of ten, as a novice. The candy test will henceforth often precede their being accepted into one of the salons. The following years will be spent, learning refinement and the advanced techniques as lived by each canon - at least in theory. As novices have to wait till their debut, to experience the full extent of their service for the first time. The debut will happen no sooner than the sixteenth birthday and sometimes it occurs later, depending on canon and special skills that need to be refined.

With the debut, the novice becomes an adept, taking assignations and using patron gifts to pay the marquist, to begin the work on the art that will - once completed - adorn the back of the adept, all the way from the small of the back to the nape of the neck. The marque will be that of the salon in question - or a freely chosen marque if the adept is independent of local salons.

Once the marque has been completed, which will be the case after about two or three years of service, it will have to be acknowledged by the leader of the salon or the owner of the marque. And the adept becomes a courtesan, which grants more freedom and comes with the duty of training novices and adepts in the arts of the salon.


Potential patrons will have to pay a small fee called the tithe to the salon, and give the servant of Naamah a patron gift in acknowledgement and reward for the service. Adepts are not allowed to be intimate with a patron outside of the context of an assignation. Fully marqued courtesans can choose to pay homage to Naamah for free, under certain circumstances.

Status and Leaving Service

It is known that some noble families offer their children to the Night Court, knowing that they will learn refinement and submit themselves to a holy service by becoming a Servant of Namaah. While these noble children maintain their noble name even during their service, they are by no means treated as superior to those servants of a common background. They are members of the Night Court, first and foremost, and so the hierarchy of the Night Court will apply.

Nonetheless, some courtesans may elect to leave service, at some point. Be it that they have to do their duty in inheriting a title, or that they become a noble's consort or spouse.

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