The bright lady and the Consort of Blessed Elua, the first of Blessed Elua's Companions. Desire is the gift she gave the people of Terre d'Ange, desire in all pursuits, but it is the desire of the flesh she is most known for. When Elua was imprisoned in Persis, Naamah offered herself to the King in exchange for his freedom. Each house of the Night Court has a different interpretation of why she did this, and the thirteen canons are based on these reasons. She lay with strangers in Bhodistan so Elua might eat, and when they reached Terre d'Ange, she founded the province Namarre. There is a shrine dedicated to her there where the River Naamah rises from beneath the earth, and all of her Servants make a pilgrimage there once in their lifetimes.

Doves are sacred to Naamah and may be brought as offerings. They are released in the temple and fly out through an opening in the roof.


The Temple of Naamah is a serene and lovely building which has been constructed of stark white marble and cool latticed stonework. Decorations here reflect the gentle side of the angel to which the temple plays homage, the building being filled with an abundance of flowers that spill from columns and pedestals. Within the centre of the main hall, arching columns support a dome that is open to the skies above, and these are hung with garlands of flowers amongst which the temple doves sit and preen. A narrow carpet of carmine red runs from the main doors, through the arches, and towards the rear of the temple to where an exquisite alabaster statue of Naamah herself kneels upon an altar of deepest grey granite. She is depicted with her eyes closed in quiet repose, and with her hands extended palms uppermost before her. On the floor around the base of the plinth are shallow bowls of chased silver, receptacles for the coins and trinkets that are offerings to the angel herself. Scarlet-robed priests and priestesses might be found within the temple whatever the hour of day or night, going about their chores or offering comfort and guidance to those that seek it.


To be a priestess of Naamah, not only must one be trained in Naamah’s arts, but the acolyte must wander the lands of Terre d’Ange for a year and a day, and never turn away anyone coming to them out of honest desire. This is to give the acolytes a greater depth of understanding of Naamah and her service and sacrifice for Blessed Elua. Once the service is complete, they are a part of Naamah’s priesthood.

When a novice is ready to commit themselves to the service of Naamah, they will do so at the Temple of Naamah. A dove will be brought for the dedication, and on completion of the ritual it will be thrown into the air by the novice. It is considered a good omen if the dove rises through the roof and flies to freedom.

The priesthood of Naamah wear scarlet robes.

Position Name
High Priest/Priestess Open for Application
Second to Naamah Open for Application



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