House Morhban
Patriarch Quintien Huguet Jacquillet de Morhban, Sovereign Duc de Kusheth
Heir Julius Mercier de Morhban
Seat Pointe d'Oeste
Province Kusheth
Motto "<motto>"
Colors Black and purple
Exports Horses, wine


For the past century, House Morhban has been the predominant force in Kusheth, a fine family of formidable descendency that has aimed to keep its bloodline pure of foreign influences. There is of course the old rivalry to the other great Kusheline House of Shahrizai, and yet, House Morhban seems to have prevailed so far through endless squabbles with their old nemesis, helped along perhaps by their connections both to the Courcel line in Elua and other, mighty d'Angeline Houses such as Mereliot.

It is rather seldom in the history of this House, that there has been much of a question when it came to the line of succession, and even so, the current Duc de Kusheth has only recently risen to lead his family and the matters of the province. Whatever the reasons for Quintien de Morhban were, to succeed in the squabble about who would become the next Duc, his recent rivals and kin have notably vanished and are rumored to be dead. Such as the late Duc's eldest son, Venetien, who succumbed to a mysterious fever, and another son, Richard, who has gone missing in the Mediterranean Sea, his ship wrecked and burnt not far from the Northern coast of Menekhet.


  • Duché de Morhban — Quintien de Morhban
    • Marquisate de Lusande — Denis de Morhban
      • Vicomté de Malroix — Ashton de Morhban
        • Baronnie de Queven
        • Baronnie de Malestroit
      • Vicomté de Quimper — Remy Gregoire Morhban
        • Baronnie de Morlaix
        • Baronnie de Vannes
    • Comté de Concarneau — Lucius de Morhban
      • Vicomté de Landaul — Alexandre de Morhban
        • Baronnie de Brijoy
      • Vicomté de Chaveau — Triton de Morhban
        • Baronnie de Bardenac — Médard de Morhban
        • Baronnie de Pereuil — Gaulthier de Morhban

Family Tree

Note: (m.) Married, (c.) Consort, (d) Deceased, (a) Abdicated

  • Jacquet Tristan de Morhban (d), Duc de Kusheth
    • (m.) Bellianne Charlot de Morhban (d)
      • Venetien de Morhban, (d)
        • (m.) Christelle nó Dahlia de Morhban
      • Richard de Morhban, (presumed dead)
        • (c.) Flavia de Shahrizai
      • Charlene Morhban de Fhirze
        • (m.) Jacques-Desiré de Fhirze, Marquis de Fhirze (d)
      • Georgine Morhban de la Courcel
        • (m.) Leocarde de la Courcel, Prince of the Blood
          • two children
  • Gustave Peregrinet de Morhban(d), Marquis de Lusande
    • (m.) Mahaut Lafons de Morhban (d)
      • Quintien Huguet Jacquillet de Morhban, Sovereign Duc de Kusheth
        • (m.) Tatienne Maignard de Morhban
          • Julius Mercier de Morhban, Ducal heir
      • Denis Augustien de Morhban, Marquis de Lusande
        • (m.) Ernestine Gisela l'Envers de Morhban
          • Ancel César de Morhban, heir to Lusande
          • Rosette Angelique de Morhban
          • More sons/daughters possible
      • Ashton de Morhban, Vicomte de Malroix
  • Lucius Alexandre de Morhban, Comte de Concarneau
    • (m.) Violaine Shahrizai de Morhban
      • Alexandre de Morhban, Vicomte de Landaul, heir to Concarneau
      • more children
  • Triton Geoffrey de Morhban, Vicomte de Chaveau
    • (m.) Lisette Montrève de Morhban
      • <heiress>
      • Sombra de Morhban
      • Jacquelyn de Morhban
      • One more sibling
  • Armand Luc Morhban de Mereliot

Quimper Branch

  • Valentin de Morhban, Vicomte de Quimper (a)
    • (m.) Noelle Eresse de Morhban
      • Remy Gregoire de Morhban, Vicomte de Quimper
        • (m.) Isabella Charlot de Morhban (d)
        • (c.) Roxane nó Eglantine de Mereliot
      • more siblings

Pereuil Branch

  • Gaulthier de Morhban, Baron de Pereuil
    • (m.) Aveline Shahrizai de Morhban
      • Clovis Michel de Morhban, heir to Pereuil

Bardenac Branch

  • Leandre de Morhban (d), Baron de Bardenac
    • (m.) Cerise Lafons de Morhban (d)
      • Médard de Morhban, Baron de Bardenac
        • (l.) Fleur nó Morhban
          • (b. 1297) Percival de Morhban, heir to Bardenac
          • (b. 1300) Igraine de Morhban
      • <son/daughter>
      • <son/daughter>
    • (c. 1284) Ghislaine nó Mandrake (b. 1249)
      • (b. 1285) Hippolyte de Morhban
      • (b. 1287) Nazaire de Morhban

Current Members


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