House Montchapetre
Patriarch Arnaud Monchapetre
Heir Chorintien Montchapetre
Seat <family seat>
Province Camlach
Motto "Wisdom and Might"
Colors <colors>
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  • Marquisate de Montchapetre
    • Vicomté de Chambéry
      • Baronnie d'Aoste
      • Baronnie d'Albens
    • Vicomté de Faverges
      • Baronnie de Seythenex
      • Baronnie de Doussard
    • Vicomté d'Annecy
      • Baronnie de Chavanod
      • Baronnie de Menthon

Family Tree

Note: (m.) Married, (c.) Consort, (d) Deceased, (a) Abdicated

  • Hannibal de Montchapetre, Marquis de Montchapetre (b. 1240, d. 1304)
    • (m. 1261) a lady of House d'Aiglemort (d. 1383)
      • Arnaud Montchapetre, Marquis de Montchapetre
        • (m.) Madeleine Ferraut de Montchapetre
          • Chorintien Montchapetre, heir to the Marquisate
          • Ruvain Montchapetre
          • Julienne Montchapetre
      • Evianne Montchaptre
      • Adélie Montchapetre (d. 1311)
      • Yvarra Montchapetre
        • (m.) Lucius d'Albert, heir to the vicomtesse de Seyches (b. 1267)
    • (c. 1294) Leda Lavecq nó Orchis (b. 1256)
      • (no issue)

Current Members


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