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Coming of Age

Age of Consent

Upon turning 16, d'Angelines reach the age of consent and thus will be allowed to make their first sexual experiences. Therefore, members of the Night Court won't debut before that day, and even for your average noble, the traditional 'abduction' to the Night Court on their 16th birthday will mark their earliest contact with Naamah's arts.

Age of Majority

The 18th birthday marks the time when a d'Angeline comes of age. This will open new doors and possibilities, such as entering marriage or consortship, but also that of legal agency, in regards to renting houses, planning establishments, or signing off trade deals in the name of a landed (and more powerful) relative. 18 also marks the earliest age when a noble heir can inherit a title.

Naming conventions


Family names are usually added to the first name without a 'de' inserted, such as "Inès Rousse", "Diane Mereliot", etc. There are however a few exceptions. Courcel would be 'de la Courcel', Essoms 'd'Essoms', Eresse 'd'Eresse', Aiglemort 'd'Aiglemort' and a few others.

When marrying into another noble family, the addition would be <family by birth without 'de'> de <new family>. For example, Brigitte Valais de Lafons. Please note that the spouse of someone marrying in retains their name without any changes.

Again there is an exception. If the original family has a higher status, it would remain the last surname. Berenice de la Courcel would become Berenice l'Envers de la Courcel even if marrying into l'Envers. Confusing, right? When in doubt, please ask staff.

Courtesan surnames

Courtesans usually have the name addition of their salon, for instance 'nó Rose Sauvage'. Or 'nó Heliotrope', if they are of this Night Court House on Mont Nuit. Noble courtesans would add this part /after/ their family name, if they are still in service. After leaving service, noble courtesans would switch out the order in names, such as Georges nó Gentian de Morhban.

When a marque is bought by a noble, a courtesan will usually take on the family name of her mentor, such as, for instance 'nó Mereliot'.

Combination of family and courtesan surnames

Let's say, a noble courtesan decides to marry another noble. It is either possible for her to reduce their own surnames to one or leave them as they are, before adding that of their spouse.

Example: Fiona Baphinol nó Alyssum de Rousse or just Fiona Baphinol de Rousse

Forms of Address

Title Holding Form of Address
King/Queen Kingdom Your Majesty
Dauphin/Dauphine Heir to the Kingdom Your Highness
Prince/Princess of the Blood None Your Highness
Duc/Duchesse Duchy Your Grace
Marquis/Marquise Marquisate Your Excellency
Comte/Comtesse Comté My Lord/My Lady
Vicomte/Vicomtesse Vicomté My Lord/My Lady
Baron/Baroness Baronnie My Lord/My Lady
Unlanded Nobility None My Lord/My Lady
Knight None Ser/Dame
Foreign Ambassador None Your Excellency
Commoner None Monsieur/Madame/Mademoiselle


Any d'Angeline woman can't conceive before going through the ceremony of lighting her candle to Eisheth. Before that it is said that the gate to the womb is protected by the hands of Eisheth. Please note, that a woman who has lit her candle is not guaranteed to get with child. Nor is the process of lighting the candle reversible, meaning, once lit, the gates of the womb will remain open, and other means will need to be pursued to prevent unwanted pregnancies for the future, such as use of certain herbal teas.

This goes for full-blooded d'Angelines. Halfblood d'Angeline concepts can choose whether they have this special protection of Eisheth, albeit most will.

Any characters with a smaller percentage than half d'Angeline will not benefit from Eisheth's protection.


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Information on style and design for both commoners and nobility.


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