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Forms of Address

Title Holding Form of Address
King/Queen Kingdom Your Majesty
Dauphin/Dauphine Heir to the Kingdom Your Highness
Prince/Princess of the Blood None Your Highness
Duc/Duchesse Duchy Your Grace
Marquis/Marquise Marquisate Your Excellency
Comte/Comtesse Comté My Lord/My Lady
Vicomte/Vicomtesse Vicomté My Lord/My Lady
Baron/Baroness Baronnie My Lord/My Lady
Unlanded Nobility None My Lord/My Lady
Knight None Ser/Dame
Foreign Ambassador None Your Excellency
Commoner None Monsieur/Madame/Mademoiselle


Stuff to go here about d'Angelines and the ceremony of lighting a candle to Eisheth. Link back to wiki page for Eisheth.


Rough cost of goods and everyday living to give framework to the economy. Link back to economics page.


Information on style and design for both commoners and nobility.

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