(1312-07-16) Lavender Fields
Summary: Fleur travels to Marsilikos after time spent in Châteauredon, breaking her journey at the picturesque village of Aurel
RL Date: July 16, 2020
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A Field in Aurel - North of Marsilikos

Two days travel north of Marsilikos lies the picturesque village of Aurel. Exceptionally beautiful, it is surrounded by wild, mountainous countryside where it nestles upon the eastern-most perimeter of Baphinol land. In the summer months of July and August the fields that surround the village are awash with a sea of purple as far as the eye can see, and continue to be so until September when the fragrant crop is harvested. It's on the edge of one of those lavender fields that a rudimentary gazebo has been erected; four wooden poles driven deep into the fertile earth to hold aloft a wide silk awning of pale sage green. It offers a great deal of respite for the woman that sits within the shade that it casts, a blanket spread upon the ground so that, as lovely as the lavender is, her gown won't be soiled. Fleur's carriage waits a short distance off, the horses unhitched and unharnessed, idly grazing the grass alongside the four that have carried her guards. They, along with the coachmen have found their own patch of shade beneath one of the trees, though the maid that travels with them has joined her lady beneath the awning.

With cushions piled behind her to soften the pole against which she leans, Fleur recharges her quill from the ink at her side, and writes an entry in her journal.

July 16th, 1312

The journey to Aurel has been swift, and as I sit here beneath the shade of an awning, I am reminded as to why I made this two day detour to the west instead of the more direct road to Marsilikos. I would advise all that have had the misfortune of not having observed the lavender fields of this region in full bloom, to make haste and to do so forthwith. Such a sight are they to behold that I could never do them justice with my feeble words. A walk amongst the fragrant flowers suffuses the soul with peace and serenity, and leaves a person relaxed with their cares all but forgotten.

I timed my return so that it would coincide with Aurel's charming and beautiful tradition of their 'Festival de la Lavande', and arrived in time to watch as the ceremonial crowning of the 'Reine de Lavande' and her court. Beneath a bower decorated with garlands of lavender, and with lavender crowns upon their heads, the procession made its way through the winding streets of the village. Would that Bastien and Giselle could have been at my side to see it, and to shower the queen and her court with petals and leaves as they passed. It is important, however, that they stay for now with their grandparents at Châteauredon, for I have business to attend to in Marsilikos.

Sometimes I see me in a field of lavender
My fingers twined with yours.
Cerulean summer sky kissing an ocean of purple
As once you kissed me.

A sprig of lavender is laid beneath the entry, its fate forevermore to be sealed between the pages.

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