(1312-07-11) The Last Assignation
Summary: Memoir Summary
RL Date: 11/July/2020 (date of creation)
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Evangeline's Chambers - La Rose Sauvage

A deceptively decorated private chamber, ripe and lush with myriad plants and flowers in full bloom and walls lined with well loved and often read books. Between all the finery that composes the bedroom, various methods, tools, and restraints used by Mandrakes are hidden from plain sight.

Nightfall over the city of Marsilikos brings a respite from the oppressive Summer heat, however the cooler evening temperatures require just a bit of heat from a small fire dancing in the hearth. The crackle of flames ripping locks asunder blends with the eerie creeking that sounds very much like a door swinging back and forth on weak hinges. Evangeline sits in the only highback leather chair in her room where the glow from the fire illuminates only half of her face. In her hand, a crystal tumbler holds amber liquor and the prismatic twinkle from the cut glass gives off the appearance of dancing stars upon the wooden floor.

"They called me the 'Nice Thorn' when I arrived from Mont Nuit. Did you know that?" She says to someone. "At first I was offended. I did not consider myself to be nice at all. I lived my whole life pretending to be 'nice' for the sake of my original house. My mother is a Jasmine and it was assumed I too would follow in her footsteps. But those were big shoes to fill, especially when I never felt like I belonged."

A large shadow swings across Evangeline's face for a moment, then slips away and back again. In her other hand is the end of a thick nautical rope. "This was made abundantly clear to me on the night of my debut. I won't go into the details because well, you've not yet earned to hear all of that. Have you?" Her lips curve into a wicked grin and she swirls the drink in her hand. "Mandrake do not yield. Our words are 'Yield All'. I mean that is why you came to me in the first place. Isn't that so, my precious?" In the background there is a muffled sound that resembles a reply, but Evangeline shushes the sound. "Do not exert yourself. The night is still young and well, you are my last assignation."

Perhaps there's a muffle of 'surprise' and Evangeline laughs then tugs the rope in her hand. "Tonight has nothing to do with you but everything to do with me. All you have to know is I said 'Yes'. No regrets, no hesitations. Looking back, I would have said from the very start, but I would never admit to being a pushover. Besides, Mandrakes do not yield." She repeats then takes a sip. "But I did. I did not for him, but for me."

Evangeline looks up to the suspended woman hanging from her ceiling and she gently spins the rope in her hand. The knot work is one of her best yet, biting flesh but mindful not to cause permanent injury; balance is required for such work. Long dark hair swings loosely over the woman's face and her mouth has been gagged. Truly nothing out of the ordinary for a Mandrake's evening. The Thorn rises from her seat and slowly crosses the room with the sharp staccato of her heels echoing. She checks in on the wellbeing of the other woman. The talons of her gloved hand come to brush the underside of the other woman's chin, lifting her gaze to meet Eva's violet-blue eyes.

"Let me tell you a story about how a Lion caught a Thorn in his paw."

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