(1312-01-04) Letter of Farewell
Summary: Before leaving Marsilikos, Amaryllis makes sure to leave a letter for a her dowayne.
RL Date: 15/03/2020
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La Glycine

On the morning of January 4th, Bertrand nó Glycine was bound to find a letter on the desk in his office. It was neither folded nor rolled, but instead laid out with the hand writing, both even, beautiful and slightly tempestuous, clear for anyone laying eyes on it to behold.

To Monsieur Bertrand

Call me whimsical, but I have to confess that I have changed my mind.

I won't stay with the salon, nor will I lay claim on a room of my own. It would serve no purpose.

I'll be gone from Marsilikos for a long while, and I will leave with a man who holds me in great esteem, a baron who wishes for me to accompany him to his home country, a man who will lay more claim on my time as for me to accept other obligations.

It is my wish to join his household, become his responsibility, and in this, I shall do what makes sense. I will leave La Glycine.

I shall never forget the kindness in you, as you chose to fetch me from Elua, to make me part of your vision of a salon. I have served you many years. I have added what I could to the success of La Glycine.

You have had a huge share in molding me into what I am today, and I will always look back at my time here with fondness and pride.

When you read this, I will be already on my way to Aragonia.

May our ways cross again, sometime in the future.

Until then, may Elua watch over you, and Naamah continue to give you Her many blessings.

Amaryllis nó Mereliot.

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