(1311-11-24) Letting Go
Summary: Oliver is trying to write a letter to someone he foolishly fell in love with only to have a one-sided conversation with his father.
RL Date: 24/11/2019
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Oliver's Chambers - Basilisque Residence

Through a door of dark mahogany, wood one enters into a chamber that has few candles that look barely used. There is a fireplace on the wall which doesn't have a door or a small balcony. The tall doors are beautifully built raised stain glass. The bed is more to the center of the room with the head of it against the opposite wall the fireplace is one. The bed is covered in dark blankets and pillows. With the large four posters being of painted black wood.

There is a white armchair that has it's back to the balcony and it's facing the fireplace. It has a matching footstool and chaise. There is a painted black wood trunk in the corner which matches the two end tables beside the bed which does not have a light on them but they do have a cane each. The walls are painted white. There is nothing visual in the room. There are no portraits, no art pieces, no books…nothing. Just a tidy room.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall day. The weather is warm and clear.

Oliver sits quietly looking upon the balcony as his eyes scan the winter storm. Rain and snow mixing to create an odd view outside. The stars and moon not shining leaving only the sounds of the storm hitting the windows.

A fire burns dimly in the fireplace as he stands, moving over to the desk. He turns his eyes over to the black and white splotched cat laying on the end of his bed. He pulls out a parchment and grabs his quill. His blue eyes just stare at the paper as his words fail him.

“Atticus… how do I write these words?” The cat doesn’t respond but stays asleep. Oliver having not gotten an answer writes something quickly.

“I have fallen in love with you therefore I must never see you again.” He growls and crushes the paper up, tossing it into the fire. The fire lighting up a little more before disappearing. He writes something else, “I do not deserve your time and your soul is not into our interactions” The young man stares at those words. He scratches out I do not deserve and puts I am not worthy. A further line down, “I wish I was…” Another line, “I am lonely which is where my love came from.” On a different angle, he writes more. “Foolish. Childish. Act like a noble and stop being sad.” He starts to scribble a lot of pain onto the page before he stops and stares at it. His words came out of him so quickly onto the page about how much he hates himself and he should die alone.

“Hello, Father.” He points to the paper. “This is you coming out of me like poison…” He puts the quill down and stares at the paper. “You made me believe I was never worthy of anything. You didn’t even try to help me when I was blinded. You hit a blind man when I was not performing as a sighted man. You said you hoped I died. Your hate is festering inside me. You made my soul bleed and I've been bleeding on everyone I've met because I didn't know how to quiet your voice in my head.”

His eyes on the verge of tears. “I am your son.” His voice shaking as he speaks. “I am a Basilisque. I have no claims but I have the right to be happy.” He stands up as he moves over to the sleeping cat and lightly brushing his fingers over the creature’s head. “I am worthy of love and joy. My life is the only good thing you gave me. I will use my life and surround myself with good people that want to be around me.” The cat slowly rolls to his side.

“I will go to those that interest me and honestly try to give them friendship. I will stop pursuing those that would not care if I disappeared from their lives. Including handsome courtesans…” He grumbles. “It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to fail but I will get back up. Your voice is going to stop controlling me. Your hatred is going to stop drowning me. From this moment forward, I forgive you and I am letting you go.” He stands, moving over to the paper and tosses it in the fire. Atticus lifts his head. “I will just stop reaching out. Cold turkey Atti.” He grins softly before bringing his hands together. “Let’s go get some quail from the kitchen.” Oliver turns and leaves the room, being followed by his friend Atticus the Cat.

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