(1311-11-14) The Return of a Thorn
Summary: Evangeline nó Rose Sauvage returns to Marsilikos after taking quite a bit of time away from the city. These are a collection of thoughts from her travels
RL Date: 14/November/2019
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Evangeline's Chambers - La Rose Sauvage

It's been only a few days since my return to Marsilikos but it has taken me this time to sit and write these notes for myself. My travels proved to be more than I ever expected; my eyes opened to a world I never anticipated discovering. My mother, Helene nó Jasmine fell ill earlier in the year. We were exchanging letters when the last one I received seemed dire. She is my mother and while our relationship became tumultuous after I made the decision to seek my own path, I love her still.

My return to Mont Nuit surprised me. It had been my home since I could remember, in particular Jasmine House. I was welcomed back rather warmly to spend time with my mother, who despite her poor health, continued to look radiant. A touch pale if anything and that is saying something since her skin is darker than mine, as is her hair. Her eyes however, they always danced between hazel and green. Always lovely and the quintessential picture of Jasmine. I on the other hand felt like I always stuck out like a sore thumb. While the Summers kissed my skin with notes of golden hues and bronze, Winters often reminded me I was indeed fairer than my beloved mother. My hair, with the blending of some cinnamon for a caramel blonde was still lighter than my mothers. And my eyes, the undeniable violet-blue that often caused some murmurs in the house. I never asked about my father before because it did not matter. I belonged to Jasmine.

Until I didn't.

So, after all this time, I confronted my mother about my father. She did not hesitate as I thought she might. "Hadrien Vadim l'Envers" She said. What she did not say was he is the Comte d'Orleans. That he is married. That he has children. Some older than myself. I did not question my mother about him but rather did a little research on my own. Then when my mother began to make her recovery, I told her I would be continuing my travels and that I would write to her soon.

Imagine Lord Hadrien's surprise when I showed up at his home. Imagine the surprise his wife had when she saw my face. Because I look just like him. Our meeting was brief but necessary. I did not pry as to what happened between he and my mother. That is their story. She did not want to tell me or just forgot to tell me, but, he knew about me. He never expected to meet me. He was not displeased and in our short time together I learned how very similar we are. It felt like for the first time, I belonged somewhere or connected to a parent in a way I never was able to with my mother. Strange. Learning about this has made me calmer. Not softer.

But my traveling did not stop there. I longed to tour Terre d'Ange and I did as I pleased from city to city. But this is where my story takes an unexpected turn. There is one whom I consider a confidante. I would not say they are a patron or even one who has taken an assignation with me, but yet, they know me so well. I was overflowing with so much on my mind that when I wrote to them, they suggested I meet them at their home, as they had returned there from Marsilikos. My travel itinerary changed the moment I set foot there.

It is where I spent most of my time. It is where I did not have to show my marque to others. It is where I spent my nights tangled in sheets as a lover and not a courtesan. It is where time stopped and I never wanted to leave.

But I did, eventually and now I am back in Marsilikos, the beautiful port city in the South of Terre d'Ange. I've come to meet some new faces who have come to the Salon de la Rose Sauvage. My travels have changed me. But just how far am I willing to go for such change?

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