(1311-10-20) A Vicomtesse Arrives
Summary: The Vicomtesse de Tulle arrives in Marsilikos to the Tulle suite that her father once used.
RL Date: 22/10/2019
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Tulle Suite — Chalasse Residence

She had thought about it the entire trip to Marsilikos; what painful memories that she had tried her best to bury would be dug up once more on the other side of the Tulle Suite door. She had been there a few times when she was young with her father, but in recent years she had tried her best to avoid the trip. Time away from her father was best and she had always found a way to avoid the visit.

Yet, there she stood in front of the door alone, afraid to open it, but knowing her attendants would be unloading the things she had brought with her soon she could not put it off any longer. Slowly she opened the door and with a deep breath and exhale stepped inside. It was as if he had never left, and the mess before her only caused her to speculate that nobody dared clean it up amidst his rage.

Toppled empty glasses lay upon the large oaken table in the center of the room, flanked by empty bottles of wine and other spirits. The sidebar was all but empty save for a few bottles that had escaped whatever debauchery had occurred when people last set foot in the room. She even thought she saw what appeared to be women's clothing in the doorway to the bedroom suite upon the floor.

Her eyes closed in an attempt to block out what was in front of her, and despite her best efforts to stop them, slow tears began to trickle from her eyes. Yet, sadness and pain quickly became replaced by anger and she walked over to the table, grabbed a bottle, "You destroyed my family!" The bottle was then thrown with all her might against the stone built fireplace; a fireplace made with the very stones from the fields of Tulle. The bottle shattered everywhere as she reached for another. "You made our people suffer!." Another bottle shattered. "You left me bruised!" Was she speaking to the alcohol itself or to her late father?

This continued until all the bottles that were upon the table were laying in pieces before the fireplace and then she collapsed to the floor and began sobbing. It was unclear how long the attendants were standing in the doorway. She paid them no mind until one of them softly spoke. "M'lady?"

Zoe wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and slowly stood turning around and trying to compose herself. "Put it all over there." Her arm gestured to a corner of the room. No mention of what had just occurred as the attendants now started to bring in the items she brought. "And remove all that." Another gesture to the remaining alcohol on the sidebar. "All of it." She then moved to the fireplace and knelt down, beginning to clean up the mess she had made.

She was stopped by an elderly attendant who had been with the family for years, a woman who knew what Zoe had gone through. "Come M'lady leave that to us. Please sit."

Zoe shook her head softly, looking to the woman she had known since birth. "No Addy. I need to clean up this mess myself." Again, was she speaking of the bottles or her father's doing?

Yet, with every piece she dropped into her hand a little more of the pain was once again buried.

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