(1311-08-02) A Letter Home
Summary: Yves writes a letter home to inform his dad that everything is going well, and that he'd like to request additional funds to start a school of swordsmanship in Marsilikos.
RL Date: 02/August/1311
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The Ducal Palace - Nancy

A messenger had arrived late in the evening, apparently his travels had taken him as far from the border forts as possible, so he'd arrived a bit later than intended. Perhaps a few days in extra travel all told.


I hope this letter finds you and mother well. I haven't written in some time, and for that I can only offer my apologies. I've been attempting to take assignations and gain favor with the right members of the court, but it's difficult to know the truth of the people of the other provinces. They lack the earnest sincerity of Camaelines.

My victory on the Day of Camael during the tournament has brought to my attention a fact I suppose I do not find overly surprising. The people of Marsilikos are in need of proper education in the handling of a sword. Toward that end, I have been putting aside much of my monthly stipend toward the notion of starting a school toward that education, that I might have a formal place for instructing the nobles who gather here.

If you would provide me that additional patronage, I believe we could call it the Valliers School of Swordsmanship, or something like that?

As to the purpose of finding a wife, I am not as yet victorious but I believe that my time here is well spent toward that purpose. I am known and awareness of my name is gainful toward our purpose, and I expect that come time to find me a suitable bride it should not be some great task.

Your son,
Yves Nicodème Valliers

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