(1311-08-01) There are more of them
Summary: It's a first night of Kalisha in the prison cell.
RL Date: 01/08/2019
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The prison cell is barely eight feet by five. The walls are made of thick grey stone and one of them has a mean barred opening with thick metal bars and no glass. There is no wind outside and so very little fresh air get through. However, a thin line of moonlight pierces through the room offering a clear view of dusts and carvings on the old walls which have seen many prisoners before. Some of the carvings were made by forks but some look almost like digged in by nails. Those lines and symbols still have remenants of coagulated blood from broken nails.

Surrounded by four grey walls, there is nothing else to do but stare at them. Kalisha is leaning back and not moving at all as if she would be asleep with an open eyes. Deep inhale follows another. It's impossible to say how much time passes before she suddenly hears a whisper. She slowly turns her head to glare at the metal bars. Perhaps it was the vibration of a voice what pushed the dusts and raised them to float in the moonlight, to slowly dance around those bars but stay locked between the cell and the city.

"I can't," Kalisha answers in a whisper as well. "They are here. They are looking at me. Those dark grey eyes."

There is a pause during which a young foreigner focuses her attention back to the wall. But an unexpected gust of wind swirls through the bars and brings in more barely audible words.

"Of course, I did not tell them. I am not yet sure what kind of eyes are looking back at me. Yes, dark grey but so speechless. No." Kalisha answers once more quietly.

Her shoulder twitch and her head leans to it. A sign that she heard her companion again.

"Perhaps they are telling too much. You are right." Kalisha admits. "I see a reflection in those eyes: an axe and blood rippling down across its sharp edge. I see fear and anger. I see love and passion. But do you know what is the most vivid?"

Kalisha makes a very sudden and quick turn of her head to the opening in the wall. She raises to her feet and moves forward. She tiptoes in order to reach for the cold metal bars. Her fingers wrap around them.

"Fools!" She expresses her thoughts a bit louder. "No. It's obsession. Whoever hides behind those dark eyes - they are obsessed with me and…"

She is interrupted by a loud punch into the metal and clattering keys. The room has become brighter from the torch of a guard. His voice echoes in the prison. "WHOM ARE YOU TALKING TO, SKUNK?! Answer me! Answer me now!"

The guard is quick to unlock the door and burst inside. He grabs Kalisha and almost throws her across a small cell. She bumps into the wall and slumbers down. She chuckles and pushes herself up to sit. The guard takes a look through the small window but he can not see much. Just an empty darkness and the moonlight playing in silence.

He turns to Kalisha and spits to her direction, "You are so dead, northern bitch. We will skin you alive!" And he storms out. "Check out the territory. That thing was talking to someone! There might be more of them!" The guard shouts out to his fellow friends after he locks her cell and leaves. "Inform Sergeant Jacquet."

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