(1311-07-28) Rain in the Garden
Summary: Lady Tethys Trevalion writes down some musings in her journal while she watches the rain from the safety of the gazebo.
RL Date: 28/07/1311
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Rose Garden - Trevalion Residence

It's raining today in the rose garden. I thought after everything I would fear the rush of the mercurial wind, the wet water that falls from the sky, the crackle of lightning, and drums of Mother Nature. I would hide under my bed and shiver at the memories. But like a fool, here I sit in the gazebo, needing to be closer to the destruction. Needing to feel alive.

If I stretch my hand, I can feel the wetness. It's gentle, weak. Not like the roar of the ocean. I feel cheated by the domestic weather patterns. Nature should rage against our brickstone. Her wind should bend the willow tree to the point of snapping. But no, she's far too civilized for that. How disappointing.

The last of the bandages are coming off. My skin is slightly discolored in areas where the burns were the worst. They've managed to mitigate most of the damage. Will that be stolen too? In a year's time, after the lemon and shea butter treatments to my skin, will my tragedy even be on display? The priestess doesn't think so. Then tried to comfort me because she thought my tears were of joy or gratitude or some other emotion that would make me out to be a total ninny.

It's not fair. I should be laid to waste. There should be some physical sign that beckons others to ask, 'What happened?' It should be oh so obvious. The horror. I want them to gasp, to cry…maybe even pity if I give into the melancholy. Is that selfish?

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