(1311-04-27) Shipwrecked
Summary: Lady Tethys Trevalion records a dream in her journal as she recovers from her tragedy.
RL Date: 27/04/1311
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Guest Room - Trevalion Residence

Thirst. Surrounded by ocean yet nothing to drink. Praying for mal weather to bring the rain. Knowing the storm will break what little life is left.

Burns. My porcelain skin reddens then bubbles from the unrelenting rays. My vanity wars with pragmatism. Will I live long enough to see the scars?

Hunger. My belly cramps from salt and emptiness. My throat raw in my attempts to replace ocean with air. Memories of foreign delights taunt me.

Splinters. Digging into the once soft skin now riddled with wooden needles. Bleeding nails brittle under the rocking waves as I cling to the raft.

Oblivion. Calls to me like a siren, offering escape from the horrors. It's so easy. Let go of the planks tied by my former life. Drift into the dark cold depths.

Waken. To the parody of my existence. To love lost by cruel chance. To hypocrisy of familial bonds. To bandages and salves to patch me together.

Nothing feels real anymore. My nightmares bring me more solace.

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