(1311-07-25) A Letter from Chavagne
Summary: What it says in the title
RL Date: 25/07/2019
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Somewhere in the Ducal Palace — Marsilikos

A messenger had arrived this morning. With a mumbled apology about certain delays along the way, he handed the letter to the head mistress in charge and accepted her offer for him to go to the kitchens and get himself some food and drink with a relieved nod of his head.

The letter was passed on to a chamber maid, along with a tray of hot tea and some morning bread, to be delivered to the Chavaise Suite. It was passed on to Lady Desarae who had just risen from her sleep. When she opened the letter, she would find the following message:

To the Lady Desarae de Mereliot, heiress to Chavaise.

Lady Desarae,

it pleases me to wish you joy and congratulate you on your recently announced betrothal. It is refreshing to see sense and decorum followed in the choice of your future spouse, who has, as I hear, proven himself to be a capable steward. The difference in years will be a huge asset to the match, as he will probably be able to temper your strong personality with his experience and routine that comes with age. Your aunt must be pleased to see Mereliot blood strengthened in a bond within her family. A view I can second with fullest conviction. We Kushelines often decide against mingling our bloodlines with those not of our disposition, when it comes to our landed nobility. It is as if thinning it might deprive it of its potency in the long run. We need strong leaders. And by the Companions, Chavaise needs a strong future marquise.

Your own Kusheline side is something though, I have always come to appreciate. It has given your personality that twist that will prove an asset in negotiations of political nature. With fondness I do recall our little adventure of saving a fine horse from its undeserved fate. It is that special quality of yours, of caring for other living beings that will make you a beloved leader of the marquisate, I am sure. How is that horse doing, by the way? It must thrive under your care.

As you may have noted, I have been absent from Marsilikos, ever since I left after the Days of the Companions. Business back at Chavagne demanded my attention. And there was a family wedding I had to attend. Leading a vicomte comes with duties, and those are keeping me at the moment, as much as I would prefer it were otherwise.

I will return to Marsilikos soon and offer congratulations in person, but until then, rest assured that you have my friendship and support, in whatever endeavours you will pursue in the future.

Cyriel Charlot,
Vicomte de Chavagne.

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