(1311-06-26) Less Daunted
Summary: A journal entry made by Desarae following news of a surprising, but welcomed event.
RL Date: June 27th, 2019
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Chavaise Suite - Ducal Palace - Marsilikos

Journal entry, dated June 26th, 1311

I am to be married.

I knew that this day would not be long in coming, I knew it on the day that my family were laid to rest and entered the True Terre d'Ange, and I sometimes wonder how it did not come sooner. A marquisate as wealthy as Chavaise is an enticing prospect for those with sons to spare, and whilst I cannot say that I haven't enjoyed the attentions, the invitations and the gifts of those with ambitions in that direction, I have at times felt besieged by men who sought my wealth and my position with no care for my own self.

It hadn't occurred to me that my cousin Leonard might be one of my potential suitors, and the news that such a match required only my consent did take me by surprise, when my aunt explained it. But once I'd had a moment or two to digest the idea, I could easily see the advantages of it. I find myself comforted by the knowledge that Leonard loves Chavaise as much as I do… No one could be a truer partner to me in working for the benefit of my mother's lands and her people. I feel less daunted by the future, knowing he will be by my side.

I felt no qualms about assuring Leonard that I was not opposed to marrying him, and then he presented me with a gift: a ring he received from his late mother on her deathbed, which by her instruction he has kept to give to his future bride. No doubt she didn't imagine it would gather dust so long. I find it looks quite well on my hand, as I contemplate the faith with which he kept the wishes of a woman so dear to him, even after so long.

The journal entry ends there, for what more needs saying.

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