(1311-06-22) Family
Summary: Octavian Delunay records some thoughts
RL Date: 22/6/2019 (1311) (date of creation)
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Temple of Elua - Marsilikos

With a grandfather as…prolific as the Comte my grandfather, it is no surprise to have so much loss in the family. Simply as a matter of statistics, when you have that many children you will naturally have much more opportunity for accident and death.

I talk too much and write too much when I'm upset, I always have. Gabrielle's death hit me surprisingly hard. Not as hard as my parents, but more than I expected. We were not distant but we weren't best friends either, due to my father's estrangement. But she's one of my generation, one of the grandchildren, and I feel like I've been stunned. Stopped in my tracks.

Gabrielle was the next Comtesse, and the whole family is having to stop and think about what it means that she's gone. She was the leader of our generation of the House, hands down. Her loss is…powerful. Emotionally, dynastically. She is a loss that will not be easily filled.

Elua, watch her over her widower. No one should have love snatched from them, let alone so suddenly and when it was still so new. I hope Lord Belmont finds comfort where he may, and does not think too unkindly of my aunt.

It was good to see Emmie. I'm still not entirely sure what happened with her title, but I miss her terribly when she's away.

Things are so unsettled. The issues with Emmie's betorthal(s), Uncle Victor, and now Gabrielle. I hope for peace and quiet for the family, and no more painful losses.

Elua, grant us not our prayers but our needs, and lead us to quiet and peaceful places.

- The personal diary of Octavian "Tavi" Delaunay

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