(1311-05-14) Research and Prayers
Summary: Gwenaelle does research, talks to others, and finally prays upon the possibility of trying to heal Oliver.
RL Date: May 14, 2019
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Eisheth's Temple - Marsilikos

Covers various places in and around the temple of Eisheth located in Marsilikos.

It is late night in the library within the Temple of Eisheth there in Marsilikos. By the flickering of several candles and a few lamps, one lone priestess sits before a stack of books upon a table, flipping through one large musty old tome. “There has to be something here..” Words given to no one in particular, the priestess likely not realizing that she even spoke them aloud.

Another page is flipped, followed by another, before that book is set aside and another pulled before her to be opened. “Maybe this one will hold some answers.” Gwenaelle says, sighing as she starts skimming the fading lines written upon the pages. Searching for some clues, some answers, to the question that plagues her thoughts since speaking with Oliver.

The darkness will eventually fade as sunlight starts to brighten the few windows set high upon the walls of the library. With her head laid upon her arm on top of the table, Gwenaelle sleeps, the quill in her other hand touching a piece of parchment where notes have been jotted down, ink long dried. She doesn’t wake till another priest comes in, talking somewhat loudly to an acolyte. Jerking upwards, she wipes at her face, pushing back a few locks of red while blurry eyes look over the notes written the night before.

With a sigh, she pushes herself up to her feet, glancing to the stack of books. “I’ll send an acolyte in to put them away.” She mutters to herself before tucking the notes she’d made away in a pocket of her robes. Nodding to the priests she passes, she heads out talk to others before seeking the High Priestess to talk with her about the situation concerning Lord Oliver. To an acolyte found trying to hide from chores does she give the job of putting away the books within the library. All the books, not only those left behind by she on the table.

Returning to her cell after talking with the High Priestess, Gwenaelle flops down on her bed, stifling a yawn. “Only rumors? Nothing for certain?” The comments are spoken aloud, to herself, as only the most sane might do when alone. “No one knows for certain if such can be done, and surely not so long healed. And while some say they would lend me a hand, I can see that they worry about what sort of risks this all might bring to them.” She gives a mental tsk to them allowing fear to rule them so.

Looking up at the ceiling, Gwenaelle considers the options as they might be, she is soon sitting up and leaving her cell again. This time, it is to send letters off to a few in the City of Elua who might be able to tell her more information. While waiting for the answer, she heads to the school for chirurgeons, to seek any information from them that might be had.

Days pass with various bits of information found by Gwenaelle who’s kept Lord Oliver in the loop, letting him know what, if anything, she’s found out so that he might make the final decision as to whether or not he wishes to attempt whatever might be done for him. Now, at a week after their first conversation, does Gwenaelle take herself back to the temple. There, kneeled before the likeness of Eisheth found upon the rock in the middle of the sacred pool of water, does the priestess settle, mind cleared of every other thought but the Companion to whom she serves. With eyes seeing only the kind, beautiful face of Eisheth, does Gwenaelle begin to pray. The movement of lips may be seen by others that come and go around her in the temple, but her words are given to the Companion herself. Time passes, though the red headed priestess is blind to it as she gives herself to prayer, to plead for the young lord, for guidance in what to do for him. The situation is laid out, though the Companion knows what has been done, or rather, what went undone for the young lord.

“I am your servant, Eisheth. If it is your will, then so be it. I can only offer myself once more, to be the instrument that you possibly use.” Strong is her faith to this Companion, never wavering, never waning. Even when others might question what she does, and to what lengths she might go for a patient, it never holds her back. “I will see what Oliver wishes to do, and go from there. And with your blessing, Eisheth, we shall see what we can do for him?” It’s not that she gets an answer, but with this plan in her head, Gwenaelle is smiling as she rises to her feet, stiff with the hours spent upon them in prayer. It’s only then as she blinks and looks about, that she realizes with the fading sunlight beyond the temple, that she has been at prayer all day.

Hit with exhaustion, hunger and thirst, Gwenelle takes herself to the kitchen to fetch her something to eat and drink before then heading off to her cell to get some much needed sleep.

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