(1311-05-07) Day of Cassiel: Reflections
Summary: Farah has a reflective moment at the Temple of Elua.
RL Date: 08/05/2019
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Temple of Elua — Temple District

The edges of the temple are all done in white marble with four pillars reaching up into the sky done in the style of ancient Hellene. The pillars are encircled in vines which flower in a multitude of colors during the warm seasons and are carefully tended by the temple clergy. The temple grounds itself are left wide open to the air, the ground well cared for grass and bushes and flowers are found freely throughout, kept in careful order by the attendant clergy. At the center of the temple is a massive oak tree, nestled within its roots a stone statue of the blessed Elua, as if the tree formed around the statue itself. Here at the foot of the statue of Elua people leave offerings of incense and prayer, leaving a pleasant aroma as the various offerings are burnt throughout the day.

The Days of the Companions were busy times, and the city was abuzz with activity and life, fueled by events dedicated to the Angels. In addition to this, the temple district was even more frequented than usual. It was where Farah ventured on this late morning. The Akkadian lady was clad in a dress of d'Angeline fashion, a light green that contrasted nicely to her hair and skin, and she was in company of her maid and the Akkadian guard that followed in her wake.

Upon entering the temple, she made sure to have her feet slide out of the slippers. It is after all expected to tread on the grounds of the temple with bare feet. Her gaze lifted to regard the thick branches of the oak tree.

Peace. Tranquility.

Her nostrils flared from the deep inhale, as she stood there, the green grass warming beneath her feet, her arms wrapping about her midst. Farah closed her eyes, and her lips moved in silent prayer.

"Oh, Cassiel. Abstinence and loyalty are virtues, you are known for. Today. Hold your hand over me. Keep my mind free from any distractions. Save me from any temptations. I shall abstain."

A smile curled her lips when Farah Shamabarsin opened her eyes again, looking at ease and relieved as she let her gaze linger on the statue, nestled there between the roots of the tree.

"Blessed Elua!", she murmured under her breath.

If only each day were dedicated to Cassiel, her soft sigh seemed to imply. And yet, there was a glimmer of uncertainty to be found in dark eyes, and a nervous fidgeting of fingers that laced before her.

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