(1311-04-25) White Flowers
Summary: A good deed goes recognised.
RL Date: May 14th, 2019
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Delivered to Desarae Mereliot’s chambers, a small bouquet of seasonal white flowers the stalks of which are wrapped together with intertwined blue and golden ribbons in the colours of her house. Their scent is delicate and fresh. With them is a letter written upon the finest and most fragile vellum in an exquisite and precise calligraphic hand. The ink is a deep blue flecked with gold.

Dear Lady Desarae,

Yesterday evening, after the races in honour of the angel Anael, I heard a curious tale regarding a horse who did not carry his rider to victory.

Today, when I sent a servant of mine to inquire round the butcheries in search of the animal, I heard a tale more curious still; and now I understand that I may congratulate you upon your acquisition of a fine exemplar of Somerville stock. I've seen him around the city, I believe, and I feel certain that like many young stallions he requires only the seasoning a firm and female hand upon his reins will provide, in order to show himself to better advantage.

But if in time you should decide that your new mount doesn't please you as you hoped, or if you should wish to part with him for any other reason, I hope you will allow me to purchase him from you. I would be delighted to offer you a good price.

I find that in the warmth of your Eisandine springtime the flowers on my balcony grow at a prodigious rate. I hope they'll bring you a moment of the same pleasure I had in watching them bloom, and in picking them for you.

With my sincere compliments,

Oriane Somerville

The signature at the end is large and flourishing, even absent the second name from which it was once inseparable; but the seal impressed in dark blue wax is still the same "Œ" ligature of old, incorporating a crescent moon.

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