(1311-04-25) A Small Victory
Summary: Desarae writes in her journal following the liberation of a horse with no name.
RL Date: May 5th, 2019
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Ducal Palace - Chavaise Suite

Today, I saved a life.

Whilst I am cognizant of the fact that it was only the life of a horse, nevertheless the horse had done nothing to deserve the fate handed to it by Lord Timothée Somerville. I find that I am unsurprised at my cousin Phaénne's choice to absent herself from Marsilikos, for the company of the future Duc de Somerville is an unpleasant one to keep. He bitter was he at his loss in the races that he could scarce string two words together at the end of it, and he offered no congratulations to the winner either. I suppose it should not have surprised me to learn of the fate of the horse that he rode in the race, and yet surprised I was. For the love of Elua, he is a Somerville.

It gave me such very great pleasure to liberate the horse from the butcher's knife, and though most of the satisfaction that I felt came from the knowledge that I had secured the life of an innocent, I will confess to a victorious frisson of delight that I had thwarted someone for whom I now have so little regard.

Through the judicious use of oats and apples, I have started to earn the trust of the horse. He needs a name, and this I shall think carefully on. I will be returning to Chavaise and Beziérs a week from now for the Festival of Lights, and I hope very much that a strong bond will be forged between us before I must leave. I would hate for him to forget me in my absence.

In another two weeks it will be the anniversary of it all. How can a year pass so quickly? I feel I've lived a lifetime in the past eleven months.

Postscript — The Vicomte de Chavagne seemed similarly irritated by Lord Somerville's treatment of his horse, and offered me his company on my mission to rescue it. Unlike Lord Somerville, the Vicomte is excellent company, for he makes me reflect on the person that I am, and the one I would wish to be.

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