(1311-04-16) A Letter to Leonard
Summary: Desarae writes to Leonard, her cousin who acts as Regent for Chavaise until she comes of age, with some news of changes in her life.
RL Date: April 16th, 2019
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Chavaise Suite - Ducal Palace - Marsilikos

It's a warm spring morning, and upon the balcony of her suite of rooms within the ducal palace, Desarae sits and pens a letter. A small wooden carving of a birdlike creatures sits upon the table near her inkwell, overseeing her no doubt terribly important letter, and glances are frequently cast its way between dips of her quill into the ink.

My dearest cousin, Leonard

How long ago it seems since I once again left Chavaise for Marsilikos. When I did, you looked so terribly ill and frail that I wondered if you would ever feel your old self again, so you can imagine how relieved I was when you wrote with the news that you're back on your feet and feeling better than ever.

I have some sad news to impart, and it relates to Nicolas, my Cassiline. You will recall him, of course, for how could you forget the man that snatched me from certain death at the hands of the Bhodistan assassin. You liked him I think? I am sorry to say that he has been recalled by the Brotherhood, no doubt to watch over someone in more need of his particular skills than I. I am not ashamed to say that I cried in private afterwards when informed, for I have grown so terribly fond of him in the months that I have been ward. I shall miss the stories he would tell of the stars, and the quiet moments when we'd simply enjoy being in each other's company. The stars will never feel the same again.

As impossible as it seems for now, I can only hope that my next Cassiline will have a modicum of the good humour and love for life that I found within Nicolas.

But enough of me, for I should ask how things continue back in Chavaise. I was a little unsure of some of the figures in the records you sent me, you know how I struggle so with such things. We have a new deputy treasurer on the ducal staff, so perhaps I will ask her to guide me through them. She's a courtesan from Elua, a Briony, if you please. Perhaps lessons will not be so dull if I am able to beg a little of her time.

There is, too, the matter of the Festival of Lights to be addressed. I wish for it to go ahead as usual, and I hope that you agree with my desire in this matter. It is hard to believe that we are now just one month shy of a year since the last, and I would like to light a lantern for my family.

Perhaps you would let me know your thoughts on this?

Though I know I have said this before, it can never be said often enough, thank you for stepping in as Regent for Chavaise. I would have been so much more lost without you.


Setting her quill aside, powdered pumice is sprinkled lightly upon the parchment before it's set to one side to dry. Desarae's attention fall once more upon the small carved bird, and fingers pluck it from where it sits. "Don't look at me like that," she chastises, lifting it to the level of her eyes. She looks at it for a moment without speaking again, a fantastic creature with a long elegant neck and elaborate tail and crown feathers, like water waves or tendrils of fire given tangible shape and form. "You'll be coming with me when I return to Chavaise for the Festival, for you'll have to be my guardian in Nicolas' stead."

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