(1311-04-01) A Letter to Mother
Summary: After a very interesting meeting, Clara writes home to her mother.
RL Date: 01 April 1311
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Rose Sauvage

My dearest Maman,

Per your last letter, I presented myself to Lady Emmanuelle Shahrizai to make her acquaintance. I do appreciate the warning that it was likely to be a bracing experience, because it was definitely that. It remains of the most singular meetings I've ever had.

I believe I briefly offended her, although I did not mean to. You know how sometimes I fall in to banter a bit more than I should, and I spoke out of turn. She seemed to accept my apology, and then I met Samanthe. You knew her as Samanthe Arnaud, and Lady Emmanuelle told me specifically to mention her. She also told me to ask you for the story of a particular bout of pranking you were privy to.

I'm including a sketch of Lady Emmanuelle. It is not the one I sketched at the moment—she tore that up quite handily. You did not inform me that she had a tendency toward art crime. Fortunately, she makes quite an impression, and I managed to recreate it acceptably.

I hope you can visit the city soon, I cannot wait to show you my finished marque. But until that happy day I remain,

Your loving daughter,


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