(1311-03-05) A Letter of Introduction
Summary: Rosalyn writes Clementine about Opera related matters.
RL Date: 05/03/2019
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A letter on fine paper bearing a custom seal of a rose surrounded by musical notes is delivered to the Owner of L'Opéra de Marsilikos. When opened the letter reads the following in an elegant script.

To Clementine no Trevalion de Delaunay,

My Lady, my name is Rosalyn Le Blanc no Eglantine. I am an independent courtesan who has recently arrived in Marsilikos with a desire to join the performers in the Opera house here. I write you in hopes that you will permit an audition so that I might prove to you my worth and talent. If you wish it I will make myself available whenever suits you best.


Rosalyn le Blanc no Eglantine

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